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4:00 pm Sacred Geometry 1 CAPE TOWN
Sacred Geometry 1 CAPE TOWN
Apr 26 @ 4:00 pm – 10:00 pm
Sacred Geometry 1 CAPE TOWN @ Julia Tiffin's Practice | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
THE FIRST IN THE SACRED GEOMETRY SERIES   Do you want to learn the language of God?   Do you want to learn how to align your mind with the frequencies of creation?   Do[...]
10:00 am Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magi...
Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magi...
Apr 27 @ 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick  CAPE TOWN @ Julia Tiffin's Practice | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
A SEMINAR ON TRUE MAGICK   Learn how to do a series of Crystal Healings for deep healing Learn a Crystal chanting healing where you heal with Crystals using an ancient language for emotional healing & good fortune! Learn how[...]
9:30 am Sacred Geometry 3 CAPE TOWN
Sacred Geometry 3 CAPE TOWN
May 1 @ 9:30 am – 5:30 pm
Sacred Geometry 3 CAPE TOWN @ Julia Tiffin's Practice | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
DEEP HEALING FOR YOUR AURA & SOUL   Learn how to heal the aura and your inner being using the 3 sacred geometries of heaven & and the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses to produce profound healing for your being.   This[...]

The Power of Water

WaterMany of you who come to my practice know that I offer spring water that I collect from Newlands Spring. But what you may not know is the sacred reasons behind it!


In ancient Hermetic texts, thousands of years old, it speaks about how light entered into our sector of the Universe. And as it entered our domain, the light first encountered WATER. And it was water that conducted light and this lead to the creation of our known world.


So as we progress and grow in life, water is good for:


1. increasing your access to divine flow of energy


2. being more in the flow of life and good energy


3. helping you to shift old energies out of your system and flow new energy into your being


4. staying positive


5. supporting the vital life force energy to flow through your body


Quality of drinking water is also key, and the quality of the spring water I collect has (documented) excellent properties and it still has the vital force of energy from the Spring having been recently collected. This does however dissipate over time. There are a number of technologies to re-vitalise water and you may want to look at the use of orgonite as one of them (www.awesomeorgonite.com) and consider storing water in glass. It takes approximately 24 hours for water molecules to re-shape to the correct shape after being stored in plastic. The shape of the molecules affects how much the water can support you energetically!


We are 60%+ water after all, and the work of Dr Emoto has highlighted how responsive water is to good energy, and therefore the energy of water we drink is so important. I cannot encourage you enough to research a local source of water near you. The following website will give you information all over the world www.findaspring.com

Return to the Sacred: Quan Yin

Quan Yin 02

Return to the Sacred is a #hashtag that I have been using for some time. I desire this deeply in my soul, to see us returning to sacred living in parenting, relationships, our relationship with food, work, living a life of purpose and meaning. There are so many areas where we can return to more meaningful living and in fact all of my articles are inspired by this concept.


For today, I am drawn to talk about a specific being that has supported me a lot in my return to magical living and that is the Goddess Quan Yin. Known as an Eastern Goddess, she is available to serve anyone who needs her support.


In a world where we are so focused on outcomes and delivery of goals, we especially need the balancing energy of Mercy and Compassion. Sometimes we need to learn to flow, like water with the energy that is available. Sometimes you need to rest despite that schedule, or be kind to yourself despite that ‘mistake’, or to be kind to another because that is the energy that will best serve them.  And a major key is, often we need to forgive. Quan Yin is also the Goddess of Forgiveness, and the key to healing is always forgiveness. Sometimes we need to forgive another and let go of a perceived injustice we experienced and often we need to forgive ourselves for what we feel we did wrong. Holding onto the poison stops the flow of goodness in our life and it’s like being stuck behind a giant tree that has fallen across a river: we will struggle against the natural flow of life and experience more pain and suffering.


In a culture where we overuse the phrase ‘I’m sorry – and this is throughout the Southern & Central African countries I have been exposed to – we can use this phrase too lightly, expressing sympathy, which weakens the recipient and the person offering the sympathy. Sometimes true compassion is gentle and kind, but it may look like strength, where we do not allow ourselves or another to be a victim to life.


If you feel you are unclear about the difference between the two, or need more compassion in your life, invite Quan Yin to flow her energy into your life, so you can understand this energy and empower yourself to know the difference.


Quan Yin has many faces, and interestingly she is also a goddess that supports Abundance in your life, and so the understanding of true strength & true compassion are keys to be connected to the universal flow and be more in alignment with Abundance in your life!


This energy of Mercy and Compassion is known as Chesed in the Tree of Life, and here you learn how to be in alignment with this energy and the flow of true abundance in your life.

Building Strength

LionBuilding Strength is key to creating more joy in your life. It is a quality that builds over time: think of how metal is thrown into the fire to get stronger and stronger, the more it is tested.


My own practice is built on the knowledge that everyone can live a life of purpose, passion and joy, and follow their heart. But although fulfilling your dreams is a main key to finding joy, the quality of strength is what we need to develop, so we can fulfill those dreams.


But what is strength and what does it look like?


Strength has a number of faces:


1. Being able to keep your focus on what your passion is, and maintain that vision while other challenges try to keep you off focus. It is important to be able to split your focus to finish a crisis/urgent situation, but then return your focus back to what is important. Keep the eye on the ball, in other words.


2. Being able to do things you don’t enjoy for a period of time so you can do what you enjoy doing. Who enjoys going on a sugar detox for example, but sometimes you have to do that so you can have a body that is happier and can serve you for what you want to do.


3. Having consistency in what you say and do, following through on agreements you made, and sometimes having the strength to change those agreements when you realized you could not deliver on them. This means you need to have the strength to be accountable for your actions and words, and understand that this is a universal law and no one escapes that.


4. Saying no to what feels inappropriate to you even when it means you may be uncomfortable with the outcome. Sometimes saying no means you will reduce your popularity or access to affection and positive feedback. Having strength means you can see beyond short term comfort and see long term returns and be able to handle periods of discomfort.


5. Not allowing others’ emotions, moods & opinions to affect how you feel about yourself. This is a big one, and you will be tested over and over again until less of other people’s opinions, emotions, moods affect you and you have the strength to selfnavigate your ship through life – in fact you can choose to sail in completely different waters away from those winds.


6. Having strength ALSO means doing things that bring you joy, and choosing joy over pain and suffering. This seems easy, but is not so easy. There is an addiction to pain and suffering which has been part of our consciousness for some time: we choose money over passion, gossip, all kinds of addictions, depression, anxiety and a host of experiences which do not bring us joy. Choosing to seek help, take up exercise that you enjoy, choice in food that will empower your body, choosing to be with good people that appreciate your growth and strength, choosing good memories to focus on, choosing to do the things you love doing, and making the time for this, takes an amazing amount of strength.


These are just some of the faces of strength, and as you review these, do acknowledge yourself for what you have attained in these areas, and gently assess where you can make some course correction moving forward.


This energy on the Tree of Life resides in the Sephiroth Geburah, and as we start stepping into our personal power in life, we start to master the energy of Geburah. It is possible to get out of alignment with that energy, and that mis-alignment will look like being overcontrolling and domineering in our lives. This energy needs to be balanced with what is known as Chesed on the Tree of Life which is Mercy and Compassion. I will speak more about in the article following ‘Return to the Sacred: Quan Yin”


The Magick of Gardening

I came across this piece of writing from over a year ago, and I would like to share this today:


The Magick of Gardening

September 2012



This morning I woke up with a start …  an incredible light was streaming into my bedroom: the beauty of the spring sun was lighting up Table Mountain and reflecting back into my bedroom …


And my first thought was of my little garden: ‘it is time to weed my garden and bring it back to beauty and life’.


A little while ago, Rolene Sher of Taxi Radio asked me to follow up our radio interview with a very specific article. In our discussion, we shared a beautiful conversation on ‘Magick’ – what it really is and how natural and intrinsic it is to the very act of being alive and being human!


We spoke about how Magick was applicable to Rolene’s favourite topic, which is raw food and natural living. I shared with her the magick of growing plants – how the very energy used to grow plants and the very way we cook and prepare food can be performed as a magickal act. And that food prepared in this way can literally heal us. One only has to think of the stories of ‘mom’s chicken soup’ and how that has nourished people back to health. I feel so much better when someone has added their special magickal ingredients coming from their own soul into a meal.


Magick is really just taking something and transforming it into something else: take a simple meal designed only to give you the necessary fuel for your body, add some love & positive intent and you have a meal that will not just give you fuel but restore your body and soul back to health!


red_apple621‘Eating’ is not all about nourishing our bodies with nutrients and enzymes received from eating the food itself – the very process of SEEING that delicious RED apple is a huge part of what nourishes us and gives us energy in our day-to-day life! We literally ‘eat’ and absorb the colour RED and it heals and shifts our emotions, thoughts and consciousness. Everyday experiences of life are so profound and magickal and we need to open our eyes to embrace this physical life as the most profound adventure we have ever had the privilege to embrace! (Thanks to Tyler Tolman and his lecture on the ‘Doctrine of Signatures’ which explained what actually happens in the process of eating before food even reaches our stomachs!)


In addition to this, there is also a huge team of unseen beings that are dedicated to awakening us to the magick of living and the true potential of being human!


There is a specific Archangelic Host who has an office of beings dedicated only to green living. They are known as God’s Gardeners. And this is the Office of Archangel Barakiel.


In the middle of a wild life lived inside the walls of Facebook, iPhones, iPads, our new modern technological universe … you know what I mean … I am yanked out of my bed to … yes, to garden! The importance of this Angelic host is so great because it is critical we start to work again with our hands in the soil and become aware of green living as a key part of our personal progression here on the planet. I had arrived home after quite a few connections on different planes, and was cranky for over a day when I received an email sent to the leadership team I work on, with information Gabriel Cousens had sent to help us cope better with travelling. One of the key things he recommends is to make sure your bare feet touch the soil after flying, so you can return to a place of homeostasis within your body. So guess what I did: I weeded my garden for over an hour and felt fantastic afterwards!


Whilst we are moving into a life of rapid communication and transformation of culture through technology, it is also time to hit the garden.


Our fingers have been softened by working on soft-touch keyboards and touch screens, but it is now time to get them digging into the soil and touching the land. (And no, don’t cheat and use gloves, touch the plants and the soil, get those beautifully manicured hands into the belly of the earth.)


It is time to awaken our bodies to true health – working with our hands, watching the magick of growing plants, and then nourishing our vessels with the life force of Mother Earth. How else are we going to thrive in this rapidly changing climate if we are not boosting our own sacred vessel with the magick of eating the pure life force of energy from plants! And the very act of creating even a mini garden (like I have) or working in it, is part of what nourishes your body, soul and mind to greater mental, emotional and spiritual health.


I have little doubt many people on the planet today have had thoughts of trying out some gardening, whether on a balcony or a tiny patch of earth or land that has been ignored. The Office of Archangel Barakiel has been working hard to awaken humans to natural living, eating organic food and even considering creating their own garden. And if it has not happened yet … I have no doubt you will receive that itch to move towards green living soon! So call upon Archangel Barakiel to assist and support you so you can thrive with green living and create a personal garden for your life.


This article is based on the applied Spiritual Training that has been handed down in an ancient lineage of teachings stored in The Modern Mystery School  – an ancient school with open doors for modern times. Julia Tiffin has been training for over 9 years in this sacred tradition and offers you teachings to greatly enhance your everyday life and also to reach those high notes of personal empowerment and fulfilling your purpose.  


PAssion PASSION paSSion ..

Soul on FireI have observed so many people not knowing that they can live life with passion as a guiding force. And not knowing why this is so important.


So what is Passion?


Passion is FIRE … it is the SPARK that keeps us alive. Passion is the voice of spirit talking through us leading us to where we need to go to live a fulfilled life.


Following your heart is literally the same as living a life of passion. The fire of the soul talks to us through the heart and tells us what to do next for our soul’s progression in life.





light my fire

Being rational is the enemy of the soul’s fire. Using your mind for what it was designed to do can direct this passion like a laser tool and focus you to fulfill this passion. But we have to learn the difference between the intellectual mind that needs to reason everything and the higher intelligence of the mind.


Knowing the difference is key.


Just for today, take a quiet moment, and go inside yourself into a deep quiet place and ask yourself what you really want to do?


It is not always important to receive an answer immediately, <but from the teachings of the Universal Kabbalah>, train your mind to help you to answer your own questions by first starting to ask the right questions.





F   I   A   T       L   U   X

Peace Outside Starts Inside


I recently saw a beautiful video that has not been widely published, and it shows the effects that the word PEACE has on water. This is such a profound observation because the human body is 50-75% water and the word PEACE can change the very fabric of our body, which in turn affects our emotions and thoughts.


Screenshot 2013-11-11 11.23.08This is what has happened to water molecules inside Dr Emoto’s lab in Japan when playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” which carries the energy of PEACE.


Click on this link to see Dr Emoto’s movie 


This image is of a water molecule responding to the John Lennon’s Imagine.


There is another video which talks about how Peace Inside Starts Inside by the Luminaries. It is a great music video, I hope you enjoy it!


As we start the journey of healing ourselves and stopping the wars inside ourself, this state of consciousness literally changes us. And with the advent of research in the quantum science field we know that our personal consciousness spreads out into the world through the shared field of thoughts in our human collective consciousness. When we have a quantum number of people all in the same state of consciousness, this can literally change consciousness locally and globally.


I hope you enjoy these videos and I wish everyone a day filled with PEACE inside yourself and in the world you navigate today.



The Art of Different Perspectives


a5c07c7dc364fc136bfd8edf0b48de87Recently I was faced with a series of scenarios where it was really hard to determine who was right and who was wrong. It was like the universe was playing the same episode of a series over and over so I could really look at this episode.


There are just so many perspectives and so many points of view, and many emotions, thoughts and perceptions of any one situation that involves human beings.


Many years ago when I was lecturing Fine Art Photography, it was so fascinating seeing how differently students visually interpreted a project or even photographed the very same thing. Everything you see is truly from your own point of view: we can be looking at the same thing and yet see it completely differently from one person to the next. The advent of Hipstamatic and Instagram can literally give the same image a different feel with simply the click of a button, and in doing so evoke a different emotional response or <a different point of view>.


2012-07-14 15.30.03    2012-07-14 15.47.03 2012-07-14 15.46.37

Scenes from the same beachfront minutes apart, Overberg June 2012, Instagram © Julia Tiffin 2012



The universe gave me yet one more of those opportunities where I could not collapse any one person’s perspective as the truth. it was completely impossible. It was as if I was seeing splices of people’s lives from a bird’s point of view and seeing how perspectives had been created over the course of a lifetime: seeing positive ideas, glimpses of personal inspirations, seeing thoughts & concepts polluted by society and culture, seeing negative + positive emotions and all kinds of different frames of reference. It was like mixing brown sugar, white sugar and salt all together and trying to separate the pieces out.


Separating out all these different dynamics would be a <total> waste of time. And is this the point?


Being RIGHT or needing to be right can keep you trapped in your mind.


open mindBut doing RIGHT ACTION on the other hand, can produce positive results in your mind and your life.


Right action plants the correct seeds in your life to live a positive and fruitful life.


Too many wars & arguments are based on needing to BE RIGHT. My question is: has it worked?




It Hasn’t.


For Thousands of Years.


So in my own life, I was faced with a series of things that I could look at from so many different perspectives and in the end of the day, making any one person right or wrong would not serve anything.


It would not make me feel better if I decided I was right or someone else was wrong: as I would just be thinking about ‘this was not right’ or ‘that person was wrong’ … over …. and over … and over ………. and over again.


So, this does not serve.




So being right is therefore not the smartest action to produce the best results.


I think there is huge merit in the concept that by it’s fruits you will know it … or paraphrased you will know the goodness of someone or some action by the good results it produces. Since it takes time for a tree to bear fruits, you also have to allow actions time to show the true fruit they bear.


So, my thoughts for the day: do not focus on your opinion about what is right, put it out of your mind, yes literally, leave it outside of the door of your mind – it does not matter, put yourself onto a course of action where you focus on right action for you, doing positive things for yourself and others.


In the end good action is what will last, and produce good things.



W   H   A   T        Y   O   U        F O C U S        O   N        E      X     P     A    N    D    S



Finding the Gold within


Julia Tiffin’s practice is dedicated to helping you find the gold within …


The tools that are used within a one-to-one session or handed down within a class, are time tested from a tradition that is over 3000 years old. These tools have borne fruit and yielded significant results in people’s lives and are now available to the general public so that we can attain excellence in life.


Some of the main questions in people’s lives are: Who am I? and What is my purpose? And of course we all want better relationships, love, success, abundance … and how do we attain that? In many ways, though, we are looking for something even simpler: in ancient alchemical texts, the gold we are looking for has been referred to as ‘The Philosopher’s Stone’.


… But WHAT is that?


It is  J O Y! Joy is a state of being, it is something we attain when we have cleared away the outdated ideas, old emotions and antique belief systems we carry around like a dog with a juicy bone. It is a well of energy, a spring inside you, that you reach once you have come to a place of deeper knowing: who you are and what you are here to do. And no matter what you experience in life – all the possible hardships or celebrations, joy remains a constant source in your life and what you take with you throughout the journey in your life.


… Welcome to Julia’s practice, and reaching your potential within!