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6:30 pm Hermetic Full Moon Ceremony! CAP...
Hermetic Full Moon Ceremony! CAP...
May 27 @ 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Hermetic Full Moon Ceremony! CAPE TOWN @ Julia Tiffin's Practice | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
Hermetic Full Moon Meditation   Join us for this special winter event with Meditations and Hermetic Moon Magick Rituals for setting your energy for this winter period, letting go of the old, and attracting goodness[...]
2:00 pm Sacred Geometry 4 CAPE TOWN
Sacred Geometry 4 CAPE TOWN
May 28 @ 2:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Sacred Geometry 4 CAPE TOWN @ Julia Tiffin's Practice | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
BUILD TEMPLES OF LIGHT     Learn to create profound energetic Temples that will elevate your spaces to the highest levels. These Temples are for love, for creating the energy of home, a spiritual Temple and special occasions[...]
6:30 pm Full Moon Meditation with Egypti...
Full Moon Meditation with Egypti...
May 29 @ 6:30 pm – 7:45 pm
Full Moon Meditation with Egyptian Gods & Goddesses CAPE TOWN @ Julia Tiffin's Practice | Cape Town | Western Cape | South Africa
EGYPTIAN FULL MOON MEDITATION   Happening on Tuesday 29 May 6.30 – 7.45pm – a very special FULL MOON Meditation with the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses @ Julia Tiffin’s Practice. Doors open 6.15pm.   The[...]


Life Activation

The Life Activation is a process with a long track record – quite remarkably this process is over 3000 years old and has been unchanged over time. It comes from a long lineage of Sages who have time-tested this modality in cultures and traditions across the planet.


Life Activation - Julia TiffinIt has not been available to the man in the street because it sparks a process of transformation in individuals, that prior to the last few decades, many humans were not ready to embrace.


But today, many of us have turned into seekers. There is a prevailing feeling ‘that there is more’ – more to us as individuals and more to life. It is almost as if we are being cornered by the experiences of Life, and being drawn into a process of questioning and seeking. And many of us are willing now to explore and try new things and explore new possibilities.


And so the Life Activation, an age old, time-tested modality is something for us to embrace and experience so we too can move forward and explore our potential more fully.


Where did this come from?


There was a common thread amongst a large group of Sages who came together over 3000 years ago in a meeting – or what we would call a conference – lasting a few decades, that there was more to the human blueprint that was not being accessed and utilized. In this meeting, many tools and methods to awaken the dormant potential in humans were shared and tested amongst these Sages. The testing even included burying people alive, which thankfully was not a foolproof method of jumpstarting human capabilities! Only one process was found to be universally successful for the various cultures and tribes in awakening the inactive aspects of the human blueprint. The leader of this conference was King Salomon who was a seeker and who was deeply committed to leaving a legacy for humans to find themselves and achieve their potential. Much of this information remained in sacred storage with key holders who were waiting for this exact time on the planet, the time of great upheaval leading to a massive societal re-calibration and the time of mass discovery of human potential.

How does it work?


The process takes place in a sacred space where a practitioner uses the tools that have been time-tested to awaken the unrealized human blueprint that is stored in the structure of humans. It is a 1,5-2 hour one-on-one session. The process is honouring, supportive and relaxing and is a gift to yourself as much as a day in the spa would be!


What can you expect after the process?


The process sparks a unique journey in your life, moving you efficiently through a series of experiences that facilitate change and transformation. As such the process for each individual is unique.


It works powerfully for individuals who are already on their life path or for those who are seeking to find a life path as it opens potential beyond the maximum 10% brain capacity we currently have available. So whether you have achieved success in life or are struggling in life, it moves people forward in a positive and constructive way.


It plugs you back into 90% of your original Divine Blueprint and activates the dormant blueprint (or what we call today the DNA) and cleans out patterns and debris that have been inherited from your ancestors, hindering your life. (The last 10% of the original Divine Blueprint is activated in another process called The Adam Kadmon Activation.)


The process may be likened to a tile game where you move many pieces around on the board in a seeming disorder but at the end everything is reformulated into a perfect pattern. The process is also reminiscent of the geometries and designs in the Universe that seem to collide in an irrational pattern but yet formulate into a perfect form. This process is constructive and positive and moves you through your obstacles using what we call a ‘God logic’, where previously your own human logic may have failed you in making progress.


The Life Activation can be described as a light shining into a dark corner. It makes visible what was hidden in the shadows, but more than that, it gives you the ability to work through what you see. This is an empowering experience!


As the dormant DNA and parts of the blueprint start to awaken, two things happen: parts of you that are not operating at all, or are under-performing, start to awaken or expand AND belief systems, negative emotions, viral patterns, disease patterns that have been repeated (what I think of as ‘photocopies’ in the DNA) and that you have inherited, start to get cleared and cleaned out. The cleaning out process is supported by a Spagyric formula we call Purificato & Crystalis that raises the vibratory frequency of the human energy system and is designed to smooth the journey of transitions in these dynamic times.


As the dormant DNA gets switched on, there is a source of energy inside the DNA, what you might call the God Principle, which ‘lights people up’ and shifts them into a positive, joyful space. This activation does not only give you access to dormant potential but plugs humans into the circuitory system connecting us to God. This modality therefore physically hooks up humans to a greater consciousness and the Divinity within.


Imagine a channel that connects you to Divine energy that can be blocked much like an obstructed plumbing pipe. When you do not have access to Divine energy because of these blockages, it is hard to move past things that stop you in life – you simply do not have access to the ‘flashes of inspiration’ and Divine inspiration to solve situations. This process dissolves these blockages and makes it possible to move forward, find new possibilities and discover what is possible in life.


What are some of the benefits?


These are some of the benefits that you would see:


Acceleration in Your Life You begin to move through life with increased speed. The Life Activation assists in growth and learning, and gives you access to the roadmap inside you.


Personal Breakthroughs You can begin to shift those things that hinder you from growth and success in life, assisting you to break old, unhealthy patterns.


Strengthening of Relationships The Life Activation helps you to connect to others in a positive and beneficial way and enables the creation of honest and healthy relationships.


Experiencing Abundance All the resources we could ever want or need are available to use right here, right now. The Life Activation helps you to access that flow in life that contains the true source of abundance.


Health Improvement It strengthens your immune system and helps you push through not only emotional and mental blocks, but physical ones as well.


Expanding Your Ability To Shine The Life Activation literally infuses your body with pure Light! Having this most precious resource inside of you allows you to spread hope, joy, peace, and love to everyone with whom you interact. This truly inspires you to go further and reach as high as you dare.


The benefits from this powerful and truly transformative healing modality are countless. It is the foundational first step in the toolboxes offered by the Modern Mystery School. Some further benefits include:


  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Greater physical energy and mental acuity
  • Increased emotional stability
  • Return of joy into your life, lightening of depression & sadness
  • Increased brain function and thought clarity
  • Clearance of 3-5 generations of genetic & ancestral debris in the DNA


The Life Activation is offered by Certified Life Activation Practitioners in many countries who re-certify annually with The Modern Mystery School to ensure that this time-tested modality retains integrity. This modality has been safeguarded within one of the Mystery Schools that has a lineage of over 3000 years and is called today The Modern Mystery School. We invite you to give yourself the gift of this modality!



“Firstly, I felt as if a huge weight or burden had been lifted from me. I think I had been carrying alot of ‘psychic weight’ and this process felt like it released me from all that was not mine to carry. Secondly, during the actual activation itself I felt a tremendous amount of energetic movement within my body – for each stage in the process – my body physically responded very powerfully to the shifts in energy. For somone who really struggles to ‘sense’ things on a somatic level – this was all the confirmation I needed that I was on the right path. I can feel the presence of my guides and the angels much more frequently and easily now and I can trust my own ‘vibes’ a whole lot more than I used to. Lastly, my life has shifted in response too – I am now in the process of making many changes in my life – changing my working life so that it allows for a deeper expression of my spiritual self and also where and how I live so that the environment I surround myself with is an authentic reflection of who I really am on the inside…”
Natalie, Clinical Psychologist


“I am so glad I went for my activation. I had found so many excuses to bounce around what it is I actually wanted to do, and it has allowed me to jump over the edge and to stop fooling myself. I have let go of a lot, including my own protection mechanisms disabling me from being me. I have learnt to embrace that there need not be a reason to do what I love. I am trusting a lot more in my future. The activation is a symbolic event that allows you and your inner self to place a commitment to finding your purpose. To the world of attraction this is a SCREAM to receive the lessons you need to learn to forget self and become who you really are!”
Matt, Musician


“I had my first DNA Activation when I was 30 weeks pregnant with my second son. The healing session is very peaceful and relaxing. So much so that I could’ve fallen asleep had I been lying down. My energy fields opened instantaneously and I could feel unwanted weight lifting off me during the session. Calmness and serenity replaced tension. When all was done and when I closed my eyes to take it all in, it was as if I could see into my belly and see my little boy. The existing bond I felt between us had become more powerful and the intensity of it took me somewhat by surprise. I felt strongly connected to my little one and I continued to feel this intense bond throughout the duration of my pregnancy. The birth was truly special and unforgettable for many reasons.  This beautiful feeling of connectedness between us that developed during my DNA Activation had gotten even stronger after birth. I  believe the healing enabled these intense emotions and allowed the beautiful experience of birth to be even more miraculous, special and spiritual.”
Sonja, Mother


“Since the session I have regained a more prominent sense of the magic in my daily life. I have become happier in myself, stronger and I believe more open to others. Some of the habits I had developed in my life experiences had “jaded” me and “scarred” me. Now these scars are healing.”
Rusty, Winery Director


“The Life Activation saved my life! Having spent most of my adult life feeling disconnected from others and God, and as a result battling with ongoing depression, things finally came to a halt and I suffered a total breakdown at the end of 2008. The path back to becoming functional was not easy and a daily battle: a battle which I was losing most of the time. Things finally changed for me when I friend suggested that I should go for a Life Activation. The session itself was extremely powerful and extremely emotional and I left without any understanding of what it was about or what to expect. Yet after about 3 weeks my life for the first time in years started moving forward: I regained my short term memory, I could focus, I could understand what I was reading, my business started flourishing, I felt connected, I experienced JOY! …. Receiving the Life Activation was the start of a whole new life and a whole new me: a life of magick, joy and miracles! It is my wish that all human beings can receive this wonderful session of transformation; this changes the world for the better.”
Marda, Financial Advisor


“I received the Life Activation over 7 years ago and after I received it, it felt as if a light switch had gone off inside of me. I was living my life and following what I loved, but it was as if I was separated from my joy and my life, like watching my life from the outside, and I felt jaded with what I had created. When I received this process, I started to feel ‘plugged’ in, in a way I had never felt before and I felt a lightness of being, as if everything would work out, and that I was now back in a flow again. This feeling of being ‘held’ and feeling safe was like a warm summer’s day, but I have to admit that about 2 months into the Life Activation, I felt an intense anger bubbling up inside of me. This was not comfortable but I realised that these emotions had been lurking inside of me all along, and stopping me from feeling joy and from feeling alive, and no amount of talk therapy could release this mountain of anger inside of me. I could feel how the Life Activation had brought to light that which I had stuffed inside of me, and now it had to move out of me if I were to move forward in a positive way. I used the Purificato & Crystalis diligently to support the release and dissolution of these stored emotions. Years of stored emotions released out of me, and one morning I woke up and it felt as if the clouds had broken, and light was streaming into my life once more. Since then, I have never looked back and my life has evolved. I chose to receive more training, tools and sessions from The Modern Mystery School tradition as I felt called and moved from strength the strength to keep this flow moving in my life. Once I touched that level of passion and joy flowing through me, I wanted to ensure my life and choices continued to flow in the most positive way and I have found that the Life Acrtivation has continued to enhance my life and bring more joy to my family. I am truly grateful for finding myself and living from my heart. 
Anne, Art Teacher


After I received my Life Activation, I became more productive with my life. I also recognized more amazing opportunities that the universe continues to send my way. This path helped me realize my dream of becoming a comedian. 
Christopher, Comedian / Project Manager


The depth and magnitude of changes that have occurred in my life since receiving the life activation are subtly overwhelming.  The blessings and joy that have followed have allowed me to be more present in my daily life, care on a deeper level for the world around me, and watch the increase of light and positive energy shift the attitudes of my family and people I interact with on a regular basis. I am more relaxed and able to process the good and the bad situations in my daily life in a manner that doesn’t hold stress in my mind and body. The bad things don’t hold power over me and are processed and let go. The good are made into my being and create a more radiant energy that brightens the people around me. I have had people remark on this recently and am sure that it all started with the life activation. I cannot imagine my life without this activation now. 
Trevor, Seattle


The Power of Water

WaterMany of you who come to my practice know that I offer spring water that I collect from Newlands Spring. But what you may not know is the sacred reasons behind it!


In ancient Hermetic texts, thousands of years old, it speaks about how light entered into our sector of the Universe. And as it entered our domain, the light first encountered WATER. And it was water that conducted light and this lead to the creation of our known world.


So as we progress and grow in life, water is good for:


1. increasing your access to divine flow of energy


2. being more in the flow of life and good energy


3. helping you to shift old energies out of your system and flow new energy into your being


4. staying positive


5. supporting the vital life force energy to flow through your body


Quality of drinking water is also key, and the quality of the spring water I collect has (documented) excellent properties and it still has the vital force of energy from the Spring having been recently collected. This does however dissipate over time. There are a number of technologies to re-vitalise water and you may want to look at the use of orgonite as one of them (www.awesomeorgonite.com) and consider storing water in glass. It takes approximately 24 hours for water molecules to re-shape to the correct shape after being stored in plastic. The shape of the molecules affects how much the water can support you energetically!


We are 60%+ water after all, and the work of Dr Emoto has highlighted how responsive water is to good energy, and therefore the energy of water we drink is so important. I cannot encourage you enough to research a local source of water near you. The following website will give you information all over the world www.findaspring.com

Return to the Sacred: Quan Yin

Quan Yin 02

Return to the Sacred is a #hashtag that I have been using for some time. I desire this deeply in my soul, to see us returning to sacred living in parenting, relationships, our relationship with food, work, living a life of purpose and meaning. There are so many areas where we can return to more meaningful living and in fact all of my articles are inspired by this concept.


For today, I am drawn to talk about a specific being that has supported me a lot in my return to magical living and that is the Goddess Quan Yin. Known as an Eastern Goddess, she is available to serve anyone who needs her support.


In a world where we are so focused on outcomes and delivery of goals, we especially need the balancing energy of Mercy and Compassion. Sometimes we need to learn to flow, like water with the energy that is available. Sometimes you need to rest despite that schedule, or be kind to yourself despite that ‘mistake’, or to be kind to another because that is the energy that will best serve them.  And a major key is, often we need to forgive. Quan Yin is also the Goddess of Forgiveness, and the key to healing is always forgiveness. Sometimes we need to forgive another and let go of a perceived injustice we experienced and often we need to forgive ourselves for what we feel we did wrong. Holding onto the poison stops the flow of goodness in our life and it’s like being stuck behind a giant tree that has fallen across a river: we will struggle against the natural flow of life and experience more pain and suffering.


In a culture where we overuse the phrase ‘I’m sorry – and this is throughout the Southern & Central African countries I have been exposed to – we can use this phrase too lightly, expressing sympathy, which weakens the recipient and the person offering the sympathy. Sometimes true compassion is gentle and kind, but it may look like strength, where we do not allow ourselves or another to be a victim to life.


If you feel you are unclear about the difference between the two, or need more compassion in your life, invite Quan Yin to flow her energy into your life, so you can understand this energy and empower yourself to know the difference.


Quan Yin has many faces, and interestingly she is also a goddess that supports Abundance in your life, and so the understanding of true strength & true compassion are keys to be connected to the universal flow and be more in alignment with Abundance in your life!


This energy of Mercy and Compassion is known as Chesed in the Tree of Life, and here you learn how to be in alignment with this energy and the flow of true abundance in your life.

Building Strength

LionBuilding Strength is key to creating more joy in your life. It is a quality that builds over time: think of how metal is thrown into the fire to get stronger and stronger, the more it is tested.


My own practice is built on the knowledge that everyone can live a life of purpose, passion and joy, and follow their heart. But although fulfilling your dreams is a main key to finding joy, the quality of strength is what we need to develop, so we can fulfill those dreams.


But what is strength and what does it look like?


Strength has a number of faces:


1. Being able to keep your focus on what your passion is, and maintain that vision while other challenges try to keep you off focus. It is important to be able to split your focus to finish a crisis/urgent situation, but then return your focus back to what is important. Keep the eye on the ball, in other words.


2. Being able to do things you don’t enjoy for a period of time so you can do what you enjoy doing. Who enjoys going on a sugar detox for example, but sometimes you have to do that so you can have a body that is happier and can serve you for what you want to do.


3. Having consistency in what you say and do, following through on agreements you made, and sometimes having the strength to change those agreements when you realized you could not deliver on them. This means you need to have the strength to be accountable for your actions and words, and understand that this is a universal law and no one escapes that.


4. Saying no to what feels inappropriate to you even when it means you may be uncomfortable with the outcome. Sometimes saying no means you will reduce your popularity or access to affection and positive feedback. Having strength means you can see beyond short term comfort and see long term returns and be able to handle periods of discomfort.


5. Not allowing others’ emotions, moods & opinions to affect how you feel about yourself. This is a big one, and you will be tested over and over again until less of other people’s opinions, emotions, moods affect you and you have the strength to selfnavigate your ship through life – in fact you can choose to sail in completely different waters away from those winds.


6. Having strength ALSO means doing things that bring you joy, and choosing joy over pain and suffering. This seems easy, but is not so easy. There is an addiction to pain and suffering which has been part of our consciousness for some time: we choose money over passion, gossip, all kinds of addictions, depression, anxiety and a host of experiences which do not bring us joy. Choosing to seek help, take up exercise that you enjoy, choice in food that will empower your body, choosing to be with good people that appreciate your growth and strength, choosing good memories to focus on, choosing to do the things you love doing, and making the time for this, takes an amazing amount of strength.


These are just some of the faces of strength, and as you review these, do acknowledge yourself for what you have attained in these areas, and gently assess where you can make some course correction moving forward.


This energy on the Tree of Life resides in the Sephiroth Geburah, and as we start stepping into our personal power in life, we start to master the energy of Geburah. It is possible to get out of alignment with that energy, and that mis-alignment will look like being overcontrolling and domineering in our lives. This energy needs to be balanced with what is known as Chesed on the Tree of Life which is Mercy and Compassion. I will speak more about in the article following ‘Return to the Sacred: Quan Yin”