Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerInitiation is what we call the ‘quantum leap technology’ in the Mystery School Tradition. Here you start making big leaps in your personal progression and living yout life’s purpose.


Empower Thyself – Initiation into the Modern Mystery School and the Brotherhood & Sisterhood of Light – Initiation allows you to fundamentally grasp what life is truly about. This 2 day program allows you to take control of your life and become tremendously effective in creating the life you really want.

Know Thyself –  Discover your inner vision and wisdom through this second step initiation in the Modern Mystery School. In this three-day intensive workshop, you will be guided into the spiritual wealth that lies within your inner reality. Through meditation, reflection and self-expression, you will be exposed to the energetic tools and teachings that will greatly assist you in coming to know yourself better and further your personal journey of spiritual progression. The focus is on knowing yourself from within so that you can fully actualize your life purpose.

Healers Academy– Second Level Initiation into the Modern Mystery School – The motto of the Mystery Schools has always been “Know Thyself”. But to truly know yourself, the path to do that is to follow a path of true service. Here you learn how to provide the Life Activation as a service, amongst other tools. Enquire about the availability of this program.