Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerCHANGE YOUR VIEWPOINT

Metaphysical teachings challenge how we see and construct what we call reality by experiencing and going deeper into the world of Energy, Hermetic philosophy and Consciousness. As spiritual beings having a physical experience, Metaphysics help and support us to return to the essence of who we are and our purpose and why we are here.

We can easily get caught up in daily tasks and routines, bringing us away from what is truly important to us and what brings us deep joy and fulfillment. With Metaphysics Basics, important concepts are handed down that will further empower us to connect to our own joy, love, success and all the things we can possibly desire!

Each week, we will experience a new facet of metaphysics and delve into the concepts and qualities that will shift our awareness and how we create in the world.

There is a sequence of seven classes in total following a particular sequence, however, you can join at any time to receive the immense teachings and energy of that particular class.

Investment: £25/class