From VIOLET to RED: ONLINE LIVE workshop series [VIOLET]

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April 10, 2024 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Zoom online. RSVP for link latest 15 mins before start of meditation.
£150 (7 workshops & 2 support calls)
Julia Tiffin
For Creatives & Spiritual Seekers


Seven x 1.5 hour online workshops (plus 2 support calls) over 9 weeks unlocking inner secrets with the 7 colours of the visible spectrum.


Unlocking your connection to the colours will:
  • Reveal clues about you in each of the colours
  • Allow you to express more of yourself and your creativity into the world
  • Improve your connection to visual expression


Things you may want to ask yourself:
  • Am I aware of how colours impact me?
  • Do I like some colours and not others?
  • Do I want to experience how colours can help me see parts of myself?
  • Do I want to light up my connection to the essence of colours?


The visible spectrum of colours can help to bring to your mind’s eye the unseen information hidden within you. It can bring new understanding about yourself from within. The colours hold clues for you to make visible parts of you that have been invisible!  Through a series of 7 x 1.5 hour workshops you will be connecting to the visible spectrum of seven colours and start an entirely new connection with you, your Soul and how the colours awaken things in you.


In the age of AI, the human Soul & Spirit is something that defines us as unique and now more than ever we need to connect to our intrinsic core and our creative essence to define ourselves in the world.


The Arts are key for everyone as it is the creative spark within all fields of endeavour that defines us as unique and as human: whether it be bringing that creative mind into medicine, engineering, tech, teaching, innovation, entrepreneurship, communication or the world of relationships.


For many artists, the very act of creating IS a Spiritual act as the Arts ignite the Soul and give you a heightened access to the profound energy of the Spirit that is filled with wisdom and something greater that you can’t quite put your finger on. This is where the creative spark comes from – from the world of Spirit.


Start a journey online with the 7 colours, and see how this opens doors for you!


These will be hosted over 9 weeks, and an online recording is available for 1 week after the live workshop. These workshops should be done in order:


  1. Violet Wed 10 April 2024 7pm GMT (London Summer Time)
  2. Indigo Wed 17 April 2024 7pm GMT (London Summer Time)
  3. Blue 24 Wed April 2024 7pm GMT (London Summer Time)
  4. Green Wed 1 May 2024 7pm GMT (London Summer Time)
  5. Check-in support calls: 3 April (1pm GMT & 7pm GMT), 19 May (7pm GMT) OR 20 May (1pm GMT)
  6. Yellow Wed 22 May 2024 7pm GMT (London Summer Time)
  7. Orange Wed 29 May 2024 7pm GMT (London Summer Time)
  8. Red Wed 5 June 2024 7pm GMT (London Summer Time)
  9. Closing wrap-up call 7 June 2024 (1pm GMT & 7pm GMT)


If you want to read more about The Arts, I have a recent article (click here >>) The Arts & Know Thyself, where I share that “The Arts are one of the tools that sets the Soul on Fire … When your Soul is on Fire it can act as a better gateway between your Body and Spirit. It is the Spirit that contains all of the holy keys of who you are. You might say ‘An artist is someone who has kept the channels to their Soul open, and can, through an Art form ignite the Soul, and when another person feels that fire through their Soul, it can light something inside of that person.’


Your workshop presenter: Join Julia Tiffin who has 20 years background in teaching the hidden arts and sciences of metaphysics to help people to know themselves and 10 years of experience as an international Fine Artist as well as heading a department at tertiary level in Fine Art Photography (and multi-media). Here is her background as a visual artist. Here a visual artist and metaphysician can connect you to a new experience with yourself and colours.


Eligibility requirements:
This is open to anyone who has never worked with me before and also to those who have received a Life Activation and/or the Empower Thyself process from me. If you have received a Life Activation and Empower Thyself from another Certified Practitioner, you will not be eligible for this training.


Payment for 7 meditations and 2 support calls: £150 Click here for booking & payment
Once payment is made, you will receive a link to the first meditation.


Recordings for the workshop: Will be available for 1 week after the training


‘Photography for Magicians’ soon to be released workshop: You may want to have a sneak peak at an upcoming workshop starting on 29 May 2024 with more details to be released. Here is the current info.