Life Activation & Transformation

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An article about the pattern of true transformation and finding fulfillment in your life. This explains how The Life Activation can support that process. By Julia Tiffin

There is so much information available about the incredible potential of the human vehicle, the ‘superhuman’ capabilities of humans.

On a pure physical level, the human body is one of the best sources of electricity on the planet. This electricity is called Piezo Electricity, which has explored ways to capture the energy we generate through everyday movements and how to use this to power our own homes!

But that just speaks about the physical capacity of humans and what we already generate on a day-to-day basis. Human beings perform miracles way beyond logic or pure science (I am referring to old paradigm science in this case). That is, when the heart, mind and soul of a human is in a heightened place, we can achieve great things and tap into a potential that is not accessed in our normal everyday pattern, when we are living with dulled senses to the world around us.

On a mental, emotional, spiritual and physical level, many of us sense we have ‘hidden potential’ and that this would give us access to all ‘the fruits of life’. These fruits of life would be whatever you define them to be: more joy, inner peace, love, success, fulfillment, balance, abundance, sex, intimacy, money, whatever you want to experience.

This hidden potential is inside us, like a dormant seed or perhaps numbers of seeds that are covered and hidden. These seeds have been known in modern times as the DNA; sages have called it the Divine Human Blueprint. Finding and locating these seeds inside us is a bit like rescuing something precious from an oil spill – the oil is thick and sticky and will require lots of cleaning to release whatever has been covered by the oil. In the case of uncovering the seeds of human potential, the hidden potential inside us is buried beneath patterns of incorrect thinking, emotional pain and not just from our own creation, but inherited from our ancestors.

What is not well known is that the DNA both stores our original Divine Pattern but also can record new patterns over it – it is a bit like a portable hard drive: it also records current patterns, negative or positive into the DNA and these become our ‘truth’, our reality. The original Divine Blueprint is not lost, it is just covered over, like the object in the oil spill which needs to be cleaned.

A process of transformation as opposed to change can be utilized to reveal these seeds inside us. The energy generated by the transformational process liberates and awakens our true identity and purpose from within the core of us.

So what is change and what is transformation?

Change is really as simple as moving an object in a room from one place to another. Sometimes we experience a surge of inspiration and say ‘ok I am going to change this’ and then we change our habits, but then move back to the same old habits again. The change was temporary; we had not truly transformed.

Many times we experience this in a relationship when a partner promises to ‘change’ something. It goes well for a while, but then either one or both partners slip back into the same old pattern again because the change was not transformation. We are deeply distressed and then have emotional eruptions, experience mental disappointment and begin to further hardwire negative patterns into our DNA, covering up the original divine nature even more.

The truth is, that one or both partners did not commit to transform, and only made a temporary change. We can choose to see it as a broken promise, but recognizing this for what it is, will save many of us from heaps of personal trauma and further ‘oil spills’ of emotional pain.

So to make a change is therefore not transformation …

Transformation is not just moving something from one place to the other within a room, it is literally breaking out of the room and completely changing your perspective. This could be either breaking down the walls and constructs in your mind you deem to be truth or breaking through the roof of limiting beliefs. So like a bird, you liberate yourself from the fixed earth, walking in the same pattern everyday, taking the same route to work everyday, and shift your perspective to view things differently, move to a higher perspective, and consider a whole bunch more possibilities.

“Problems cannot be solved with the same mind set that created them.” Albert Einstein. To change a mindset, you have to transform, and something has to shift in you to make sustainable change or ‘transformation’.

Taking a look at ancient Alchemy, there is a lot we can learn about the processes of transformation. Alchemy is not Chemistry and is not just about the science of changing metals into different forms or metals as many people think. Alchemy involves spiritual transformation and shows us through a process of Calcination – Dissolution – Separation – Conjunction – Fermentation – Distillation – Coagulation, that the essence of something can be liberated from the ‘dross’ or what we could call the dense emotions and negative beliefs to reveal ‘the gold’ within. The gold in the human context is here the true essence, positivity, joy and the true identity of a human.

What this ancient formula teaches us, is that true transformation requires dedication and patience and embracing the ‘winds of transformation’, being willing to let go of outdated ideas, suffocating cultural belief systems, patterns, emotional hurts. The Alchemical process will lead us to true inner peace, joy, all those fruits of life you define and that you want to experience.

Living by a code of transformation may sound scary but is actually the most natural way for humans to live life alive. According to the ancient teachings from the Mystery Schools, our nature is to create and our DNA is in alignment with the pulse of the Universe, which is constantly moving and transforming. 

The desire to create new things is not a pattern we can observe in the animal kingdom for example, but it is a unique impulse and gift that humans have. And in order to create, we have to live life alive and be in alignment with a pattern of transformation, creativity and the pulse of energy of the Divine source. 

Most of our stress, pain and frustration comes from resisting this very nature. Think about how many times you have resisted what you know is good for you, because this would mean you would have to let go of something which is now an outmoded pattern for you.

We have become accustomed to live life stagnantly: we create structures that create good growth in our life, and then that very structure starts to choke the lifeblood in us. Why, because the Universe is constantly moving, and we humans are designed to be masters of the Universe, in alignment with that flow, and we too need to keep on moving and evolving those very structures we create that now suffocate us. This does not mean we relinquish commitments and responsibilities, it means we shift our perspective, undergo transformation, and use those very things in life to facilitate our personal growth, not our personal stagnation.

Awakening this dormant potential literally switches on the brain: Einstein was able to use 10% of his brain, whereas we use 4-6%. But what about the rest of the 90%? According to the ancient Mystery School tradition, this is the time on the planet which has been scheduled for us to access the rest of that potential.

One of the ancient, time-tested modalities that facilitate a gentle awakening within your very being and switch on dormant DNA is the Life Activation. It will allow you to gently move forward, moving past the things that stop you, bringing to your awareness things that are good for you, things that need to change, things that you did not know about yourself so you can move forward. This will allow you to make personal breakthroughs. The knowledge for what you need to transform within you is held inside the DNA, and it also holds the pattern for the good within you that you can uncover. 

Whilst it will accelerate your personal progression, it will do so in a constructive and positive manner, and what many people have said, is that they can now move forward ‘with a smile on their face’.

One of the key things this process does is ‘heighten your vibration’ by re-connecting pieces of the DNA that are not switched on to the universal power source. This can gently help you to shift, and to shift your perspective and help you to find better solutions in your life, as you release yourself from being stuck in the same old patterns.

One of the ancient Hermetic Teachings is that of ‘The Principle of Vibration’ and that love and hate are really on the same continuum but are just on opposite sides of the continuum. If you raise your vibratory frequency, you can shift to the positive end of the spectrum. Shifting perspective can be as simple as choosing to be miserable or being sad, however it often requires some kind of intervention (eg. sport, a loving gesture, an act of service, a positive activity). The Life Activation connects you to a positive ‘power supply’ that cannot be switched off and will help you daily to shift and choose what is good for you.

The Life Activation brings good energy that will support not only a journey to discover you, improve your relationships, but it also boosts your immune system with the increased energy, shifting sadness and lower emotional states.

The Life Activation in itself is a gentle gift to facilitate a new pattern of positive living in a 1,5-2 hour one-on-one session. There is another ancient technology that is also thousands of years old and starts a process of quantum leaps in an individual’s life. When you take quantum leaps, you liberate yourself from living in a linear pattern, embracing your true nature and being dedicated to live your highest potential. This ancient technology is shared in a 2-day week-end called Empower Thyself, and is something an individual can choose after a Life Activation if they want to make further steps in their progression.

The Life Activation is offered by Certified Life Activation Practitioners who re-certify annually with The Modern Mystery School to ensure that this time-tested modality retains integrity. This modality has been safeguarded within one of the Mystery Schools that has a lineage of over 3000 years and is called today The Modern Mystery School. The Empower Thyself process is offered by certified Guides, who train extensively and certify annually, to be Guides for people through this ancient transformational process.

All of these teachings are applied teachings from the Modern Mystery School, an ancient tradition that teaches many hidden keys and deep knowledge about Healing, Alchemy, Kabbalah, Hermetic Principles and much more.

This article was originally published in the Odyssey Magazine, April 2013. To see the article, click here.

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