Sacred Geometry … and Healing

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There is magick all around us!

Sacred Geometry is like a secret code that makes up the building blocks of everything around you. Even in advanced CGI – yes that’s right, in computer generated images in movies and TV – every form is broken down into sacred geometrical forms: a moving mesh of triangles to be precise. Every single thing around you is built up of very special geometries that hold the fabric of reality together.

The Sacred Geometry classes and training in the Modern Mystery School serve to give you access to the secret codes behind the geometries that make up everything around you. It gives you special glasses to see the very magick that is hidden in front of you, and to unlock a world far beyond the version of reality we know.

How often have you looked for the answers ‘out there’ or ‘outside of you’, only to discover that you had the answer right under your nose, or that you already had what you needed. Often the clues for what you are looking for are right in front of you and Sacred Geometry is just like that. I remember the years of sitting in maths classes at school and solving geometry problems working with numbers, angles and lines only. My view of the geometries was through the lens of my left brain only. It was kind of interesting, but once the world of the sacred behind the geometries opened up, it was sort of like going from eating microwave food to a Michelin 5 star restaurant experience. But really it is more like opening dimensional portals to unimaged realities beyond this physical reality, helping us to access the magick within the mundane. 

The Sacred Geometry classes open the energy of the sacred realms hidden in physical density. All these classes return your life to a sacred way, elevating how you live your daily life. The tools and training you receive activate sacred energies in your body, which is your Temple, or elevate the container where you are living, working or sleeping – the physical space or Temple you are moving within.

Knowing about the sacred in the geometries around and within you, brings your awareness to the magickal mesh hidden within the physical world and already elevates reality. Experiments have revealed the consciousness of plants and how acknowledging plants ‘activates’ plants and empowers them to grow better and thrive in your space. Just so, bringing your awareness to how the world is constructed of these secret keys <shifts> your world. Of course, learning ancient tools associated with Sacred Geometry that have been passed down through lineage bring this power to a whole other level. These tools switch on and align Sacred Geometries within you to shift you into a whole new world. 

When receiving tools that activate the sacred in your physical spaces, they turn on the magick in the container where you are existing and create resonance with the sacred geometries within you, your consciousness to elevate. Your understanding of life, inspiration for ideas, physical vitality, creativity, quality of your relationships and life, not to mention the happiness of your plants and animals, heightens when you learn tools to enhance the physical space. These tools you learn in classes such as Sacred Geometry 1, 2 and 4.

Sacred Geometry 1 gives you the foundational knowledge you need to open the system of keys that unlocks all sacred geometries. Here you learn the primary tools for creating sacred space for daily living, creating, manifesting, working and sleeping as well as for sacred work.

Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick unlocks a smorgasbord of tools – ranging from creating 4 permanent Sacred Geometry crystal grids (the very same ones used in sacred buildings throughout Europe) that pre-date humans on the planet as well as many more tools.

Sacred Geometry 4 trains you in three Temples to enhance everyday living, elevating all aspects of daily life and celebration to levels of joy, connection, love and magick. 

In terms of healing, the Sacred Geometries in your energy field – your Aura and physical structure – get impacted from the stresses and trauma of life. If you look at the molecular structure of water when it has been in plastic bottles, the molecules themselves, get misshapened, lose their original structure and the quality of water drops significantly. Similarly, since we are in fact a sacred geometrical structure, our geometries get hugely impacted and whacked out of shape from traumas and the stresses of life,  impacting every aspect of our life. Getting your sacred geometries re-aligned in the different Sacred Geometry healings is remarkable. 

Looking at water a little deeper, functional medicine today holds that 60% of health is based on the water you drink and especially the quality of water you drink. Just increasing the quantity of water you drink makes a huge difference in your overall health and once you improve the quality of water that you drink, your health will jump to a whole new level. The importance of Sacred Geometries could be seen as the same vital importance as water. When you re-align and activate the geometries in you, everything in your life flows and works better! 

Imagine for a moment a CUBE as one of the many Sacred Geometries within you. You will learn about what a cube can activate within you, but imagine for a moment you have a 6-sided glass cube but there are cracks in the glass letting in air from the outside. When your Sacred Geometries become distorted in any way, not only do you not access the benefits to a more successful life, but you invite energies you do not want into your life! 

So the tools for healing from the various Sacred Geometry classes are incredible for inviting what you do want in your life and maintaining this flow in your life. Each healing brings all kinds of healing and restoration to a higher quality way of functioning in body, mind, heart, soul and spirit.

Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick teaches you two different healing modalities that tackle 11 different areas of your life! Not only can you offer this to others, but these give you tools for self healing! 

Sacred Geometry 3 is a beautiful ceremonial healing that empowers you to recover from traumas & the impact stressors have had on your life specifically. Here you will regain clarity of thinking, connect with your dreams, improve planning and organization, feel safe and improve action and manifestation.

Sacred Geometry 5 offers you very special training to infuse your structure with the geometries that awaken the sacred fire within you to fill you with passion and vitality for life!

Sacred Geometry 6 empowers you to reclaim your will as the sacred symbols that strengthen and seal your will are activated in your Aura. This will help you to apply your will to stay focussed on what you want to birth and achieve in your life.

Sacred Geometry 7 seals a sacred Archangel Michael Interstellar Tube of Space in your Aura! This not only brings protection but the energies of clarity and strength in your inner self.

The great thing about all training in the Mystery School is that we start with one step and allow that step to unfold and reveal it’s magick to you over the unfolding of time. If you are curious about Sacred Geometry, start with Sacred Geometry 1 to start the journey, or even sign up to receive a healing to align you in a whole new way.

And if you haven’t yet noticed, the Tree of Life is the ultimate Sacred Geometrical vehicle, so if you embark on the journey of the Universal Hermetic Ray Kabbalah, you are unlocking the secret instruction manual for life hidden within this Sacred Geometrical structure to reach the highest realms of your potential!

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