The EnSofic Ray is the highest, brightest and most powerful ray of energy. It has the qualities of purity, clarity, and focused concentration.

We can flow this energy to the body remotely, or over distance to bring light into the physical body to bring maximum healing to the body! This is good for all physical issues and illnesses.

The practitioner channels the Ensofic Ray from the universe to shift physical ailments. It invigorates the energy within the body and shifts stress, anxiety, disease and physical pain.

Some of the benefits of Ensofic Reiki:
  • Improved circulation
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief
  • Returns body to homeostasis
  • Increased ability to heal and recovery from injury
  • Tranquility
  • Relief from anxiety and stress
  • Increased emotional stability

Information required for remote healing: Full name, birth date, address of current location & time zone, cell phone number & email

Investment (UK, EU, Middle East, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand): £120 per session. Pay here.

Investment for 3 sessions (UK, EU, Middle East, Canada, USA, Australia, New Zealand): £300 (£100 per session). Pay here.

Investment (South Africa): R950 per session