Julia will intuitively coach you, assisting you with how to shift, to clarify what is best in alignment with you, and to help you find solutions you can take to re-orientate where you want to direct your life. Julia has honed her intuitive skills through continuous training in the Mystery School to be able to serve you to step into an empowered place in your life. This session invites you to take the steps you need to take to make a shift, and helps you to clarify if the course of action you are taking is in alignment with you or not.

Investment: £120 (For a 1-hour reading plus recording). Payment click here.


I’m located in the US but have had the pleasure of receiving a few distance intuitive readings with Julia. Julia’s guidance and support helped me navigate a transition in my life and I am forever grateful that I reached out to her- she is absolutely spot on with her intuition and has a depth of wisdom. I was able to apply her insights and suggestions from the readings into my life and have made significant changes for the better. I highly recommend Julia for healings and readings, she is a truly a gem!

Christina H, Psychologist, Boston, USA