The Art of Different Perspectives

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a5c07c7dc364fc136bfd8edf0b48de87Recently I was faced with a series of scenarios where it was really hard to determine who was right and who was wrong. It was like the universe was playing the same episode of a series over and over so I could really look at this episode.

There are so many perspectives and so many points of view, so many emotions, thoughts and perceptions of any one situation that involves human beings.

Many years ago when I was lecturing Fine Art Photography, it was fascinating seeing how differently students visually interpreted a project or even photographed the very same thing. Everything you see is truly from your own point of view: we can be looking at the same thing and yet see it completely differently from one person to the next. The advent of Hipstamatic and Instagram can literally give the same image a different feel with simply the click of a button, and in so doing evoke a different emotional response or <a different point of view>.

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Scenes from the same beachfront minutes apart, Overberg June 2012, Instagram © Julia Tiffin 2012
The universe gave me yet one more of these opportunities where I could not collapse any one person’s perspective as THE truth. It was completely impossible. It was as if I was seeing splices of people’s lives from a bird’s point of view and seeing how perspectives had been created over the course of a lifetime: seeing positive ideas, glimpses of personal inspirations, seeing thoughts & concepts polluted by society and culture, seeing negative + positive emotions and all kinds of different frames of reference. It was like mixing brown sugar, white sugar and salt all together and trying to separate the pieces out.

Separating out all these different dynamics would be a <total> waste of time. And is this the point?

Being RIGHT or needing to be right can keep you trapped in your mind.

open mindBut doing RIGHT ACTION on the other hand, can produce positive results in your mind and your life.

Right action plants the correct seeds in your life to live a positive and fruitful life.

Too many wars & arguments are based on needing to BE RIGHT. My contemplation is that it has never worked. Not for thousands of years. Wars are still being fought between parties who each feel they are right. Make no mistake, there is and can be a ‘just war’, where fighting a war is necessary to end a war. But to fight over and over and over again, because two parties both feel they are right?

This has not proven to lead us to a good place. In my own life, I was faced with a series of things that I could look at from so many different perspectives but in the end of the day, making any one person right or wrong would not serve anything.

It would not make me feel better if I decided I was right or someone else was wrong: as I would just be thinking about ‘this was not right’ or ‘that person was wrong’ … over …. and over … and over ………. and over again.

This does not serve anyone. So being right is therefore not the smartest action to produce the best results.

I think there is huge merit in the concept that by it’s fruits you will know it … or paraphrased you will know the goodness of someone or some action by the good results it produces. Since it takes time for a tree to bear fruits, you also have to allow actions time to show the true fruit they bear.

Do not focus on your opinion about what is right, put it out of your mind, yes literally, leave it outside of the door of your mind – it does not matter, put yourself onto a course of action where you focus on right action for you, doing positive things for yourself and others.

In the end, good action is what will last, and produce good things.

W   H   A   T        Y   O   U        F O C U S        O   N        E      X     P     A    N    D    S

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