What is a Soul Retrieval?

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Reclaim parts of yourself

The Soul Retrieval is a foundational healing in the toolkit of a healer, so much so that it calls for a deeper explanation of what it does.

A good way of considering if you have experienced any soul loss is thinking back to the feeling of exuberance, freedom, courage, curiosity and open heartedness that you might’ve felt as a child, maybe a teenager, maybe a young adult. Or maybe even never – maybe you had a really tough childhood and saw other people had this and wondered where or what this feeling is.

That simple description above is part of our original, elevated state, part of our original codes in our DNA (that we are only connected to about 10% – see an article on the Life Activation here.) If these states of being feel a bit far from your current experiences, it is an easy way to measure if you’ve experienced some soul loss. But, continue reading to see if this relates to you ..

(See image above: we can disassociate from different aspects, qualities, essences, states of being and strengths we need to function in the world. Each of these different colours and objects represent different parts of yourself that need to be returned to a coherent whole.)

Now, the good news is you actually can’t ‘lose’ your Soul, technically that happens when the Soul and Spirit leave your body at your final breath, and even then you don’t ‘lose your Soul’ but it just moves beyond the body. What happens though is aspects of your Soul can disassociate and exist in another dimension in time and space that you cannot feel or connect with – that part of you will feel like a distant memory. (The depth of this understanding is handed down in the Empower Thyself Class & Initiation.)

When you have experienced soul loss, all kinds of consequences might come from that:

  1. Don’t feel as alive as you did years ago
  2. You can’t feel your sense of freedom
  3. You are not connected to your emotions
  4. You feel disconnected from parts of yourself
  5. You have mental disorders & mental health challenges that you can’t overcome
  6. Perhaps your memory is not working as well
  7. You feel anxiety and stress often
  8. You feel depressed and a loss of hope
  9. You have a survival mindset
  10. You feel like a victim
  11. You feel powerless to move forwards in life
  12. You struggle to plan and think things through
  13. You struggle to take action on things
  14. Perhaps you can’t access your passion
  15. You can’t access your drive or your ability to overcome limitations

These are some of the consequences that my clients have experienced from soul loss, but people feel called to this healing because there is a drive to re-connect to a part of you that you just can’t feel anymore.

Amongst Shamanic tribes (which we all were a part of in our ancestry), the Soul Retrieval was the most universal or common healing for mental health and emotional challenges. It is not the only useful or necessary healing by any means, but the Soul Retrieval is foundational in the journey of healing mental health challenges – think of it as an excellent starting point to help heal the mind. In fact, it has been said that North American Indian Shamans have looked at our psychiatric hospitals and just shaken their heads in disbelief with how poorly the modern world understands mental health challenges. They perceive the use of medication and hospitalisation as poor attempts to solve what they know to be a problem of the Soul and the Spirit. 

Why IS the Soul connected to the Mind?

The piece that is missing is that the brain and mind are two different things. Think of the brain as the hardware or the operating system but the Mind is a field of energy that sends commands to the hardware. According to the Mystery Schools, the Mind is a large field of consciousness that resides within the Soul. The Soul itself is 150m (or 500ft) in diameter. The Soul Retrieval helps to heal the Soul, which is where the majority of the Mind resides. Thus, when the Soul is fragmented, so is the Mind! When you receive a Soul Retrieval, it therefore helps to heal fractures in the Mind.

You may be wondering, however…

Why and how does the Soul get damaged?

When we experience traumas, intense experiences such as:

  • maltreatment or abuse (not just physical, but also verbal, emotional, and spiritual)
  • living in constant stress
  • death
  • loss
  • a broken heart
  • a break-up
  • gaslighting
  • codependency
  • addiction
  • physical illness
  • limiting belief systems that have shut us down
  • denial of our gifts, desires and dreams
  • extreme discipline
  • physical accidents
  • complying to social expectations and pressures
  • breaking ethical codes that are important to you

You may be reading this list and thinking…“Wow, I’ve experienced several of the items on that list. I might need a Soul Retrieval”. And you wouldn’t be wrong; the Soul Retrieval is foundational on a path of healing and restoration! We experience many trials and tribulations in life which lead us to a point where we would benefit from a Soul Retrieval. It is when we have experiences which shock our system causing us to contract, withdraw, fight, frieze, and disassociate from aspects of ourselves: this is when we ‘misplace’ parts of our Soul! 

I have seen after two decades of offering these services, that even within the corporate world, when you have to shrink yourself and become a machine for the job, it often causes a dis-connection to parts of yourself (read: your Soul). Many people today are dissociated from their true nature, which is no doubt a reflection of traumas that the Soul has experienced.

When you experience any of the above list, your Soul, which holds and allows you to access your holy qualities that make you unique, gets shocked and shaken, resulting in parts of this 150m wide structure, as mentioned earlier, to dissociate and split off into another plane or dimension. Once these splintered pieces of your Soul are brought back to where they belong, you are reconnected with previously disconnected parts of yourself. Thus you can better get to know who you really are!

Are there different Soul Retrievals?

When King Salomon brought 3000 tribes together, the one healing common to many tribes was the Soul Retrieval, which was then tested extensively on members of all tribes to find the most effective Soul Retrieval for everyone.

King Salomon’s chief mission was to uncover how the greater DNA of humans could be plugged in and activated.  He explored all the existing healings and worked with leading Healers of the different tribes to be able to do this. The fundamental and life-changing Life Activation was born out of this exploration over 3000 years ago, which was then scheduled to be unveiled in 1997 when all humans were then ready for it.

The Soul Retrieval is in contradistinction a healing as opposed to an activation but it was and is one of the pivotal healings we can experience.

There are three main Soul Retrievals that one can receive:

  1. The Hermetic Soul Retrieval, which is best received 3 days before or after or on the Full Moon
  2. There is a Mind Region Soul Retrieval from the comprehensive King Salomon Mind Region Healing modality. This modality of 10 sessions re-structures the Mind itself to its original state (yes! It is profound)
  3. Finally, there is a ‘mini Soul Retrieval’ which you can very easily train to do (even on yourself!) in Sacred Geometry II & Crystal Magick.

The first two Soul Retrievals in the list above are comprehensive, and bring back so many soul fragments in one session that integration time is required before receiving another Soul Retrieval. These Soul Retrievals create ripple effects in your life for months after the session itself, leading you to greater harmony, positivity and functionality. Even if you’ve been through a truckload of trauma, you wouldn’t consider receiving another Soul Retrieval for a minimum of 6 months as the one session is still integrating during this time. The session is that far-reaching. For those who have experienced many traumas a second Soul Retrieval may be called for, but you don’t even need to plan something like that as you never know what impact one session will have until 6 months have passed!

The deep healing that results from being reconnected to parts of your true nature that you have lost along the bumpy road of life is difficult to describe, but easy to feel. Soul Retrievals shift the way you think of and perceive the world. You shift into a more embodied ‘you’ more easily, feel strong, confident, certain, you take action, and move forward without so much resistance towards what is best for YOU, the individual! Results are unique for each person but are foundational in healing mental and emotional challenges.

The ‘mini Soul Retrieval’ in the Sacred Geometry & Crystal Magick session is powerful when a slower healing path is best suited for someone, depending on the nature of the mental or physical health issues. It’s also great to manage ongoing stressors and to maintain your connection to all of you as life happens. The amazing thing about this session is that it is something you could actually learn to do on yourself by receiving the Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Healing class! Handing down tools of self empowerment is a driving force behind the Mystery School teachings so now you can be a healer for yourself!

Soul Cleansing – what is this?

A final piece is the Soul Cleansing. This is different from Aura Cleaning in the Purification by Light which is a session that many people receive. The Soul Cleaning literally cleans the structure of the Soul. This session is called the Celtic Merlin Healing.

This deep cleansing releases old stories and cleanses any feelings of being ‘tarnished by life’. Your soul will be re-aligned to the cycles of life and completion, so you can let go finally of what is complete, and align to the new. This will allow you to move, evolve and progress in life. You will be able to advance and move forwards once more. If you are stuck in an ‘older time of your life’, you will now be able to move forwards in time and align to a future with expansive potential and greater creation.

Are you ready for a session?

Onwards and upwards to a more whole you! Contact me if you are keen to explore a session. The Life Activation is always recommended first for enhanced results but sometimes the Soul Retrieval is better suited to do first. Here is all the information on the Soul Retrieval sessions. There is also a Empowerment Life Activation package with the Life Activation, Purification by Light & Emotional Cord Cutting and Soul Retrieval packaged together if you know you are ready for a big jump!

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