What is EnSofic Ray Healing?

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What is EnSofic Ray Healing?

The time is now to take responsibility for your own healing and to know that you are your own healer. Only you can decide you want to heal, and there are many things you can do, like learn meditation, go on fasts, learn sacred tools, and so much more.

Sometimes there is a healing you need that technically you can’t do for yourself, and so you partner with someone to ‘facilitate’ the healing for you. Often we call that person who facilitates the healing for you, the Healer, but in truth YOU are the Healer and only you can choose to heal yourself.

EnSofic Ray healings allow you both to receive self healing and to offer this to others, and it is way more than just a healing modality. As a person looking to shift something in your life, you can simply receive sessions (see below) and the benefits of the EnSofic Ray. You can also receive training to do these sessions on yourself and others, and amazingly, you receive important metaphysical teachings and tools that have been preserved in one of the seven Ancient Mystery Schools to be received at the right time. Here you will learn about finding the fountain of joy, finding the Philosopher’s Stone or living life alive! You won’t just learn about this, but you will learn how to actually live life alive! The key in the training, is that you receive attunements to the EnSofic Ray so that you can now access this Ray, and together with the deep metaphysical teachings and tools, you can change your life!

So what is the EnSofic Ray, and why is it so important? The EnSofic Ray is the original Ray of Creation, a Ray of only good and beauty, and the word EnSof is a name for a Divine energy that could be equated to unlimited possibilities, endless possibilities, or a blank canvas. The attunements allow you to flow this energy of unlimited possibilities into your own life and to flow it to others in a healing session.

Imagine you are an artist with a blank canvas before you: you have so many new possibilities for what you can create. That could potentially be quite overwhelming. Usually for an artist though, there is a boundary around the canvas so there is inherently a limitation in an artist’s canvas. But the blank canvas of EnSof is unlimited, there is no boundary or limitation.

IMAGE ABOVE: The Map is in my Hands, Julia Tiffin, 2021, Original drawing, Printed on Archival Giclée Hahnemühle 308gsm Photo Rag (lifespan of up to 200 years) , 16 x 20″ (40.64 x 50.8cm) OR 8 x 10″ (20.32 x 25.4cm). For purchases, click here.

For Artists, Creators, Thought Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Inventors and Innovators, flowing the EnSofic Ray into your life is a game changer as it attunes your mind to more possibilities and innovation! Receiving the training, attunements and tools from EnSofic Ray training is not only for healers!

What would you do if the original Ray of Creation is flowing into your life? Not only do new possibilities become available, but the EnSofic Ray acts like a ‘Galactic shampoo’ that washes away the brainwashing of life! Brainwashing refers to all the versions of who you have become to fit in. There is a lot of brainwashing from social media, TV, culture, politics, religion, education and you need a lot of Galactic shampoo to clean all of this programming and limitation! Receiving the EnSofic Ray helps you on all levels: you never know how incorrect wiring in your brain has affected your body, health, mind, emotional or psychological state, relationships or connection to Spirit.

IMAGE LEFT: Buried Alive I, Julia Tiffin, 2002, Colour print, 100 x 100cm, Edition of 5. Here family memories embodied in an inherited family TV are buried showing the possibility of transforming genetic, inherited memories and belief systems. More information on Julia’s artwork is here.

It is a healing that keeps on giving: in my own personal experience after offering sessions to my clients, and simply doing the daily tools to flow this Ray, my mind completely changed! Gone was the noise, worry, concern: my mind shifted onto an autobahn moving me towards the simplest solution for things, and allowing the unexpected to happen that were honestly sometimes miraculous. 

Let’s have a look at the healings & training in more detail:

Need total transformation?

The EnSofic Ray Healing Modality is a thorough modality that includes three sessions. Each session is distinct, but a special de-calcification of the brain that dissolves hard programming to heal incorrect mental, emotional and physical patterning, is included in all sessions. A shortcut way to remember this series, is to think it think of it as The Galactic Shampoo series :-). The hallmark of the second session is the engraving of many sacred symbols in your energy field so that EnSofic Ray flows into your aura, producing ongoing healing for the next 10 months! Healing is also done directly to the physical body, plus removal of bad habits. These three sessions need to be received in one month, and preferably 7 days apart.

Struggling with your physical body?

The EnSofic Ray Healing for the Physical Body focuses solely on physical symptoms and issues in the body. This healing can be received remotely and can also be done on yourself.

Need help with your mind?

The EnSofic Ray Bad Habit Removal dissolves the energetic construct held in your brain that keeps a particular negative habit or thought pattern anchored there. The healing balances your left and right brain hemispheres, with a domino effect shifting areas of your life you didn’t know were related. This session can be received remotely and for yourself. There is an additional healing to anchor in a new preferred thought pattern (done in person only) that you actually want to bring into your life. The amazing EnSofic Ray Positive Affirmation session anchors a positive new belief or way forward in life into your brain to create a whole new experience of life. This is great after the EnSofic Ray Bad Habit Removal, but can be received as an individual session

Are you a healer yourself and want EnSofic Ray to be in your life and in your practice?
OR are you an Artist, Creator, Thought Leader, Entrepreneur, Inventor or Innovator?

The training to be able to offer EnSofic Ray Healings is done in three levels. Two EnSofic Ray training levels are available in the United Kingdom & Europe, taught with their corresponding, deep, metaphysical teachings! The Fundamental Level is a 2-day training that teaches you how to flow the EnSofic Ray into your life, and how to bring this into the physical body for healing yourself and others. The Intermediate Level is a 1-day training that teaches you how to remove bad habits in the mind, how to anchor in a new positive belief, how to flow EnSofic Ray remotely for both the body and bad habit removal, and how to also do these healings on yourself. 

And are you a Reiki healer and are wondering if or how this is connected?

We have all heard of Reiki and the many benefits people have had from it! I have studied the incredible system of Jikiden Reiki, but couldn’t quite shake the feeling that there was more, and I was left with a thirst … for something. There was in fact a complete system in earlier times on the planet that we simply were not ready for. The entire system of Reiki, known as The EnSofic Ray Healing Modality has been preserved in the Ancient Mystery Schools, and we are now ready to receive the full package! Not only is there more to the healing system, but there are important metaphysical teachings that lead you to your own enlightenment and personal freedom, also known as finding the fountain of joy, finding the Philosopher’s Stone or living life alive! There is much to be revealed about the original full system.

Contact julia@juliatiffin.com for more information!

This article was originally published in Kindred Spirit, Winter Edition 2023, Issue 189. To see the article, click here.

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