Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerWe-ver is a brainchild I started to develop in 2013. In 2015, I teamed up with systems architect Willem van Zyl to bring this app to fruition. In 2017, we received our first phase of funding to make this project a global reality. It is an app that aims to be your business tool expert in the areas you don’t specialise in. We-ver integrates key tools needed by small business enterprises & entrepreneurs under one roof creating a complete virtual office accommodating all your business pillars. We-ver is available on any platform: smartphone, tablet and desktop. The launch date for this app will be announced, together with key features that are available. More information below:

Wellness practitioners, entrepreneurs and small businesses, focus on uplifting the lives of others and need systems to best organise their clients’ data and communication, to be able to serve their clients better and with more grace and ease.

We-ver offers a ‘nest’ for practitioners, entrepreneurs & small business owners to manage workload and marketing, weaving together an elegance in the administration of wellness practices. We-ver is focused on the network you are weaving and the integrity of your relationships first.

We at We-ver are alive to new trends to help you to create your highest possibility while being in partnership with your collaborators with you & with those you serve.

We at We-ver want you to live the best version of you.

Drawing with Light

Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerDrawing with Light is a platform where anyone can participate in creating images that define the visual landscape you choose to create. It will offer different projects, online exhibitions and workshops where you can be an active member of re-shaping your world and the world around you.

The word “photography” was created from the Greek roots φωτός (phōtos), and γραφή (graphé).

Phōtos, genitive of φῶς (phōs), means “light” and graphé means” representation by means of lines” or “drawing”.

Together they mean “drawing with light”.

What we see, what we look at, creates the visual databank in our minds. It fills the visual landscape within us. In ancient Hermetical teachings, there is a famous axiom: ‘As within, so without, as without, so within’. What we bring into our inner visual landscape is the visual materia we use to create the theatre of our life. It is us that designs our movie of life.

It is important to reflect on where our eyes spend their time. What happens when you watch images on TV for example? What are you taking in? What images are you allowing into your inner visual world?

Drawing with Light is a project designed to make you more aware of what visual imagery you bring into your life, and re-create your world! Stay tuned to upcoming projects!

Light as a Feather

Light as a Feather is a book written with much love in response to the passing of my mother Maria Tiffin.

Light as a Feather offers a set of positive attitudes and approaches to the death and dying process. It is designed both for one who is dying and for those who are dealing with the dying process in another. There is an approach of kindness to yourself and a person dying and this book is designed to become a manual for both living and dying, where you can both live life and prepare for crossing from one world to the other ‘light as a feather’.

Extracts from the book:

“Death is like a bus station. Sometimes we wait a long time at that bus stop waiting for the bus, and sometimes, just as we arrive at the bus stop, the bus arrives, and we are off.”

“Crossing over ‘Light as a Feather’ describes what one can complete before we transition from this physical plane to another, but it also describes how to live ‘Light as a Feather’ while you are actually living. This is a manual for living and for dying.”

“This is not a comprehensive encyclopaedia on the experiences of Death, but I hope this will assist to heal broken hearts to live once more.”

“… death is something so special and privileged. It is a process of moving from one world to another, realising whatever this world may have meant and been about for you. And, it is simply that, a transition, sometimes taking years, sometimes a moment. But it is simply the time taken to turn the page of a book, slowly or quickly.”

“She brought me through the canal of life and let me watch her walk through the pathway of death. Through this last walk, I was birthed into a new life, by her. She opened a doorway for me to do new things without her at as an anchor in my life.”

“If you take the opportunity to liberate yourself from your own fear of death, you can really review what you have not yet tried or embraced in your life. Stepping up onto a greater platform of your life can empower you to grab life and to live it with less fear. You can reach up for what you have always wanted to experience after you have moved through your process of grief. Once you have understood that spring follows the winter of the soul, where your grief gets expressed, then you can reach for summer that brings full light to the new life that is awaiting you.”

Light as a Feather has been written in two stages starting in December 2016, with the second phase of writing taking place in February 2018. It is currently in the first stages of sub-editing.

The Fish Files

Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerThe Fish Files is a labour of love, and is being co-written with Taz Abrahams. It tells the tails of the pets that have weaved their love, support and blessings into both of our lives, most specifically the lives of our cats. It is part fantasy, part reality with a large dose of humour and love. It is an ongoing project that we are both writing in our ‘fun’ time, when we can put aside the to-do lists and honour the lives of animals and what they have brought to us. The audience is for both children and adults.

The Fish Files features Jelly Fish (Iron Paw III) coming from the Jelly Fish Galaxy & Gold Fish, all the way from Never Never Land, mother and son (cats), telling the long journey of how they have prepared their humans with those that came before them, and the ones that are coming after them. Some of the other characters include Jezebel (Iron Paw I), Queenie (Iron Paw II), Zoid from the Void (originally the Arch Enemy of Gold Fish, now the Knight in Arms for Queen Jelly Fish) and Tinkerbell (also from Never Never Land).

A small extract from The Fish Files (how Jelly Fish came into being):

Once upon a time in a Jelly Fish Galaxy far far away, there was a being from space who wanted to teach lessons in love & awareness to all beings… She searched all through the galaxy and the stars to find someone to love. Then one day she found a small green planet called Earth & she knew she could find someone who she could love and who could become her student in all things…”