Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerRETURN TO THE SACRED

Sacred Geometry Classes 1-7 are available (the full series consists of 13 classes): all the classes are focused on handing down tools that you can use in your daily life, allowing you to #returntothesacred in life. These tools include techniques to sanctify spaces, healings, meditation and readings. The tools from these classes are very useful and can be applied to improve the quality of your life.

Sacred Geometry 1 is the foundation of the Sacred Geometry series, where you will learn how to make any space sacred using the power of your body and hands as well as learn how to make an energetic Temple for re-connecting to your core energy.

Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick is a deeply healing and magickal class that introduces ancient teachings about crystals from beings called the Mu. You will learn sacred mantras and many applications of crystals that have never been published before: healings, reading, dreaming and griddings.

Sacred Geometry 3 will teach you a deep healing technique with Sacred Geometry, crystals & ancient Egyptian energies to heal deep trauma.

Sacred Geometry 4 is a class of exquisite energy where you will learn how to make 3 energetic Temples for your daily life: for love, for family, for celebration & for holy occasions.

Sacred Geometry 5 will hand down to you a powerful healing modality called the Fire Soul Infusion which awakens your passion and is the first step of the Kundalini Awakening.

Sacred Geometry 6 will hand down to you a powerful healing modality called the Core Will Infusion which allows you to become attuned to the Will of God, which is the Will of Good & Beauty, bringing immense clarity of life and purpose.

Sacred Geometry 7 will hand down to you a powerful healing modality called the Activation of the Archangel Michael Interstellar Light Tube which allows you access to the origin of creational energy & the re-creation of yourself.