Emotional Cord Cutting | Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerEXPERIENCE FREEDOM

from Unwanted Negative Mental/Emotional Ties

Do you ever find yourself losing energy to the memory of past relationships, insults, injustices or hurts? Does the mention of someone knock you off center into anger, resentment or jealousy? Would you like to find more peace in your heart and more energy, patience and fun in your life?

Perhaps it’s time to cut your ties and leave your losses behind.

The Emotional Cord Cutting process eliminates all Negative Emotional Bonds by severing the psychic cords attached to the energy body, from your third eye to your feet.

Emotional Cords and Intimacy

When a person engages in sexual intimacy, that act creates an energetic cord. Sexual intercourse, even a deep kiss, results in being corded for seven years. During that time, the energy keeps flowing between the two people, even though they may no longer be intimate or even in each other’s lives.

Emotional Cords and Children

The emotional cords form energetic links between you and your child. When the child is younger, this is necessary and important, although it is also important to create appropriate boundaries and learn effective communication skills. As the child matures, it is part of the parent’s responsibility to teach the young person how to source energy appropriately for themselves. Then it our job as parents to let go and let them grow, encouraging and validating without trying to control them! Parenting is the most sacred and important job on the planet!

Emotional Cords and Others

If the person you are corded with is at a lower vibrational level, you will give your energy to them, even when you are receiving, because energy flows like water, from higher to lower. You can also receive lower vibrational or ‘toxic’ energy if the other person in a corded connection is angry with you, using drugs or alcohol or has other addictions.

Once these negative emotional cords from old relationships are cut, you have renewed energy and can re-establish relationships on a new level.

This session includes a ‘Spell Removal’ which reverses all negative thoughts people have sent you!

Investment: £120 (incl. Support, Consultation, Cord Cutting, Spell Removal & Personal blessing)

Session length: 1 hour

Maintenance Cord Cutting: £75