My journey with Julia started in 2013 when I attended the Empower Thyself class with her. I didn’t quite realise it at the time, but this class set in motion an incredible process in my life, and one that I am eternally grateful for! I had been walking the path of the spiritual seeker for some time, but this particular class really anchored the journey to “knowing thyself”. It provided incredible knowledge AND it provided very powerful and ancient tools to assist me in navigating my life in a far more clear, connected and effective way. 

Julia is an excellent teacher, and her ability to clearly communicate vast and complex concepts in an easy-to-understand manner, really helped me to ground these concepts into my life. I have also had the privilege of experiencing a few of the healing modalities that she offers, and all have had a profound effect on my life, and all delivered far beyond what I was expecting in terms of results. 

I highly recommend her work, as she really takes the time to connect with her client, and makes you feel held and supported through a healing and transformational process that is not always comfortable!

Matthew W, Western Cape, South Africa, Business Development Director

My name is Brian and I met Julia through the Modern Mystery School. I had always thought energy work was rubbish, people seeing what they wanted to, until meeting Julia and another MMS practitioner. I still don’t see fairies or anything like that, but the results I’ve seen (whilst being a die-hard skeptic) have been ridiculous. What I tell everyone is that it’s easy to see results if you think something is going to work, but it’s an altogether different thing when you see staggering results despite not believing. My arms were messed up for almost three years, torn tendons, and then magically (no sarcasm) they got fixed when I went for an Ensofic Ray series with Julia. The psychological effects and self-growth I have experienced are also unprecedented. She may be just human, but I’ve never met anyone as intuitive and empathic, I mostly trust her implicitly (die-hard skeptic, remember). I highly recommend the Modern Mystery School and particularly Julia and I’ll happily give her permission to give out my number to anyone wanting my opinion straight from the horse’s mouth. Lastly, Julia helped me get out of an extremely painful and damaging situation, which I didn’t even know I was in. Julia saw and then she figured out a way to help me, for which I am eternally grateful.

Brian T, Office Manager, Cape Town, South Africa

I met Julia at the very beginning of 2020, and quickly did everything I could to experience her energy as much as possible. I’ve had many guides and teachers in my lifetime, and I can say without a doubt that Julia is the most dedicated, passionate, compassionate and kind of them all. She is truly spectacular.

Working with Julia over the last few years (and there will be many more to come!!) has been such a pleasure. I began by attending Max Meditations while she was living on a different continent, and the support and warmth that she imbued were palatable from the very beginning. I’ve now gone on to complete a Life Activation, Spirit Activation, Empower Thyself initiation and several other classes taught by Julia (Sacred Geometries, Astral Travel, Journeys of the Spirit, 12 Races).

She goes above and BEYOND for her students, and it has left me with so much growth, empowerment, and enthusiasm for life. It has been one of the greatest blessings of my life to now have Julia by my side.

Oh– and how could I forget the healings?! I experienced Etheric Reconstruction and was brought to tears almost immediately by the sheer relief at having whatever happened (I honestly still don’t know what) leave my body or be repaired. It was like I had been walking around with a weight that was suddenly lifted.

I cannot recommend Julia more highly as someone to call upon for whatever you think you may need or want– she is a great blessing to all.

Sacred Geometry 2 & Crystal Magick Class

Julia is a genius at conveying the magickal information from Sacred Geometry II and Crystal Magick – and it is no secret that it is my favorite class! I learned powerful and useful self-healing techniques that are also easy. I use them every week without fail (no, seriously, I like the boost!!).

Sacred Geometry 3 Class

Wow, Sacred Geometry 3 teaches the coolest healing of them all! I wanted to learn this to use for my own clients, but after I realized I could do it on myself, too, I quickly became my own most  frequent client. This healing helps me to let go of stagnant trauma which builds up and blocks me from living as my true self. After doing this healing in class, I went to a shop and started talking to the shopkeeper in my 3rd language like it was no big deal, which I never felt comfortable doing beforehand. I didn’t even notice until I was on my way home, and then realized, “wow, that healing definitely worked”. I cannot speak highly enough about SG3, it will help you in more ways than you could even know. 

EnSofic Ray Fundamental – Practitioner Level 1 Class

Before learning the Ensofic Ray healing modality from Julia, I was worried *all the time*. My partner used to tell me that I looked for things to worry about. It wasn’t exactly that, but it was like my mind couldn’t stop me from distracting myself from the present moment with worry. It was torturous! Julia recommended taking Ensofic Reiki for this consistent worry, and I am happy to report that I am cool as a cucumber now. Whenever I feel those old, stagnant patterns crop up I just do a bit of Ensofic on myself and am good to go. I highly recommend learning Ensofic Reiki– it is the BEST. 

Jackie N, Business owner & PhD candidate, Barcelona, Spain

Julia is incredible! I did Empower Thyself it seriously opened me up to incredible things. Every time you leave it’s like you’ve discovered a part of yourself that was hidden and you didn’t even know existed.

James F, Quantity Surveyor, London, UK

In November 2021 Julia Tiffin opened one of the most profound doors possible with the Life Activation and Empower Thyself course. Life Activation was a sacred and spiritual one-on-one experience for a few hours. Julia is wise, she was able to do a reading and accurately describe the type of person I am.

Then it was on to the Empower Thyself class. This is an intense classes but enjoyable. The best way to describe it is this will be the point when you are unplugged from the matrix. The program helped give clarity and deepened my spiritual connection. I am filled with hope for tomorrow rather than worry. With Empower Thyself you will be given the most sacred tools to become the best possible person you can be. Once classes were done Julia was always on hand to help me with the rituals and provide advice. Though it has only been a few months I have already experienced a shift in my thought process. The person I used to be was such a pushover that people would take advantage of. Now I do not let that happen. I have also experienced an outpour of emotions that was kept bottled within for years which no doubt is vital for healing. I feel like I am now on a constant journey of improvement day by day and I look forward to my continuous journey to come. Thank you Julia.

Greg F, Financial Manager, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

Writing about my experience with Julia Tiffin and being initiated into the lineage of King Salomon, is not as simple as writing a review in the way one may expect.

I was introduced to the Mystery School teachings by my extended family, desperate to save my failing physical health. I was low, to say the least. Low on energy, will and the strength to keep fighting autoimmune diseases with no cure.

Enter the Life Activation…

While Life-Saving is an overused cliché, in this case it is quite literally true. The Life Activation was the rescue flare gun and Empower Thyself with Julia was air support (albeit on a rather fanciful Broom). 

I arrived at Julia’s house for an Egyptian meditation right after getting off a plane from Johannesburg, not quite a month after my Life Activation. My world had already lit up and I didn’t realise that wasn’t even the half of it…not even close!

I’m not sure what I was expecting from the meditation or from meeting a Guide in the Mystery School, but I definitely was pleasantly surprised. I was welcomed at the door by the pleasant smell of Nag Champa delicately floating through the air, a Broom at the door and the soft light of candles in the background. More noteworthy though was the person who greeted me. I’m not a tall person and am quite used to craning my neck to look at others, but I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that I could look Julia in the eye! However, don’t let her height fool you, Julia is a FORCE! I was immediately embraced in a warm and genuinely caring hug and I knew that there was more to this story than just a meditation. 

Julia’s Egyptian Meditations are mind-blowing! It’s a journey you have to experience to fully appreciate. But, these weren’t the only journeys that Julia would take me on. 

In order to truly begin to heal, to live life alive, we need to know ourselves. The journey that really accelerates healing (physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally) was set into motion for me the moment I agreed to attend the Empower Thyself programme and become initiated into the lineage of King Salomon.

I would love to tell you that this was an easy, pleasant journey, but truly growing is uncomfortable and not always pleasant! 

Julia was steadfast, strong and dependable as a Guide. Getting us to the programme and reminding us of where we REALLY come from. It’s like you’ve been walking in a fog your whole life, only seeing parts of the whole and everything is pretty blurry. Julia helps to part the clouds, letting the sun burn bright and the mists lift; revealing the beautiful and messy truth of our purpose here on Earth. 

My biggest take-away from my classes with Julia is knowing that there is so much more than what we have been programmed to believe. It’s coming HOME in every sense of the word. It’s the comfort of knowing we are all connected. It’s All of us or none of us. I see myself in every person and in every cell that holds life on this planet. 

My journeys with Julia are far from over and I’m fully prepared for it to get a lot bumpier as well as a lot more beautiful as I know myself and the ancient teachings deeper each day. 

I am an eternal being, so are you. I can’t tell you to take this journey, but if you are willing, and my story gives you hope then you should let Julia into your life and have the sun shine too.

Heather A, Cape Town, South Africa, Child Education Specialist

I have known Julia for many years and she is one of the most amazing people I know. She has helped me achieve many personal breakthroughs and has always encouraged me to embody the best version of myself.

Julia is great at identifying limiting beliefs and providing the tools to overcome them. She creates a beautiful, safe space for personal growth and offers support in a loving, non-judgmental way.

For me it started with the Life Activation. After noticing profound changes in my life after this session, I attended the Empower Thyself class and initiation. I have since experienced many of the classes and healing sessions Julia has available – and I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life.

For anyone who is looking to live a more meaningful life – or is ready to take the next step in their personal growth – Julia is the best person to help you achieve your goals.

Craig de Gouveia, Porto, Portugal, Artist, Entrepreneur, Co-founder of

I started on the Modern Mystery School path when I went for a Life Activation with Candice Webster who referred me on to Julia Tiffin to do the Empower Thyself course and Initiation. It was what I now understand to be pure alchemy, a most profound change within towards good and beauty. I am deeply grateful to Julia for her teachings, guidance and support and so much more. I am learning new tools on a daily basis that are changing me and my life in a way I have searched for over decades. I honestly don’t have the words to express how deeply grateful and content I am becoming, how connected I feel to joy, love, compassion… to myself and life really. Julia gives open-heartedly, freely, joyfully and with such grace and beauty in a way that honours the truth of her life work.

And as if this wasn’t enough, I believe that she quite literally saved my husband’s life and therefore that of my children’s and our family. My husband had struggled for most of his life with addiction and had exhausted many avenues of hope and recovery. He agreed to meet with Julia and the broken ghost of a man that entered her healing room was not the beautiful, light, clean man that emerged hours later. He went back with her 3 days later to do the Empower Thyself course and Initiation and once again, I honestly can’t put into words how his, our life, is transforming into the most abundant life I could have ever dreamed possible.

How can you put into words the incredible gift of true life one gives to another? That’s what Julia and her work with the Modern Mystery School has brought to me and my family – true life.

Nicola Stewart, Cape Town, South Africa, Essential Oil business owner & mom

After the Life Activation and Empower Thyself Workshop: 

The very first body of work I did with Julia Tiffin was the Life Activation and then the Empower Thyself Workshop shortly afterwards (I have done so much with Julia after this but this was the game changer for me). 

It’s so strange for me to look back at how much and how drastically my life has changed and progressed since I’ve started working with Julia! 

I recall being in a very hopeless, depressed and lost space at the time, I was stuck in a job I hated, with no real prospects on the horizon. 

I remember first getting the Life Activation which filled me with so much hope and renewal, and I knew I had to have more! I did the Empower Thyself after that, which just accelerated and changed the trajectory of my life in a totally new and exciting way. 

Fast forward to today, I am in such an amazing space, with so much more freedom, joy and abundance (I’m earning 3x what I was when we first met). I have clarity, vision and purpose which is even more valuable than money! 

Honestly one of the things I’m endlessly grateful for every day is that our paths somehow miraculously crossed. The Life Activation and Empower Thyself are the two things I would wish for everyone to bring joy, hope and empowerment to their lives. 

Debra F, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, Associate Software Buyouts

I did a series of Etheric Reconstruction and Celestial Code sessions with Julia that completely changed my life. Over the course of these sessions, I uncovered a negative, deep-rooted belief I’ve had about myself since I was very young. And in our final session, she completely cleared it. Life has been easier since clearing this block. It feels like I’m not fighting myself. Taking action to manifest my goals is easier. I’m also just happier; with myself and my life.

This isn’t the only positive experience I’ve had with Julia. I’ve done a ton of her sessions and courses, the culmination of which changed my life. As a result of the shifts I’ve experienced, I decided to change where I live and change my career. I’m pursuing my childhood dreams and really going for it.

If you want to shift, heal and feel more like yourself, work with Julia. She’s loving, she’s powerful, and she’s incredibly wise—she’s the real deal!

Raisa R, New York, Entrepreneur & Fashion designer

My life changed when my daughter and I did Empower Thyself with Julia Tiffin. For me, it started an amazing journey of healing and spiritual growth. I also did King Solomon Healing Modality. That was interesting and life-changing! Absolutely loved it! Julia is a woman with a compassionate heart, insight, integrity and great power that can be trusted.

Marna C, Bloemfontein, South Africa, Emagenes Health Store Owner

There are SO many classes that I have attended and honestly it is hard to mention just ONE favourite class that has been offered by the graceful Julia Tiffin, whom I am honoured to have as my Guide.

Every class I have attended, led by Julia, has left me forever altered and just buzzing from the energy and Light experienced by the beautiful space she creates.

Here are a few classes that I have absolutely loved attending and that I would attend again:

The Sacred Geometry 1 Class (plus 2, 3 and 4 :))

Oh my word!

Sacred Geometry 1 truly ignited my love for learning more about this Magick, which literally lies in your hands. Sacred Geometry 1 is super special as you form this bond with the geometries and expand on that in the other classes. You will learn, amongst other tools, how to elevate your every day living, healing, working and teaching spaces to a whole new level This helped me to feel more protected and creative to mention just some of the benefits that I have experienced. Imagine to be able to learn to use your body as a tool to create sacred spaces – what is more Magickal than that?

If you are interested in further exploring your love or curiosity for the Sacred Geometries or you want to learn how to protect and improve your living spaces and even learn some healing modalities such as crystal healing then I highly recommend you sign up for these classes.  You will expand on the initial teachings in the Sacred Geometry 2, 3 and 4 classes!

Ensofic Ray:

When I received my first taste of the modality as a client, I told Julia this is like a Spa for the Soul and that everybody needs to experience it. Having journeyed through Fibromyalgia, I can still experience intense pain in places at times. This modality provides healing from the physical and mental aspects of anything you may be struggling with and leaves you feeling Light.

I enjoyed it so much that I signed up for the class and now I am a Level 1 practitioner and often use it for self-care and for my animal companions.

You’ll be amazed at the benefits and what you can address using this modality.

Julia sets a Magickal space and energy for all her classes, which you can feel from the moment you enter till long after you have left the class. As always I enjoyed the energy during this class and I am so grateful to Julia for her guidance through this modality. It is now one of the healing tools I access daily to improve my overall wellbeing and that of others.

‘Cooked’ is often a word used to describe just what an amazing natural high you get from attending this and many other of Julia’s classes. It’s just THAT good! I felt like I was floating on a cloud and when you feel that energy in your hands …. you’ll know what I mean. Pure Healing Magick.

So if you are looking for a modality that can heal your body from something that nothing else has worked for I would highly recommend you give this a try. 

12 Races:

Attending this class fed my curiosity about the Magickal beings that surround us and helped me clarify a lot of the Myths we may have grown up believing. 

You will certainly look at the world through a different lens with greater understanding, appreciation and respect for ALL Magickal beings.

I remember it being quite an emotional experience for me at the beginning of the class but truly a fun and informative class. I learned a lot about myself too 🙂

While I would love to share more about this class, my best advice is to experience this one for yourself!

Now, if only she would offer a class for those stunning altars she creates … sign me up!

Taz A, Cape Town, South Africa, Animal Communicator and Founding Member & Treasurer of Journey of Enrichment NPO

The angel reading really opened my eyes to new dimensions of my power that I had never allowed myself to see. For most of my life, I have always had a hard time seeing my goodness, my unique gifts or talents. I would always swipe these things under the rug and never actually think that they mattered. Julia (You) had an incredible way of really seeing me. You saw all these unique expressions of myself that I had just cast aside. You not only saw them, you brought them to light in a whole new way and highlighted the importance of my individual essence. So much so that you were able to remind me that certain Archangels were assisting and guiding me based on those gifts I thought were insignificant. Ultimately, you helped me see myself more, love myself more, and step into a new dimension of being where my thoughts, words, and deeds could actually make a greater impact on this world. Thank you so much for granting me this newfound awareness and helping empower me to wield the power of these awesome beings of light! It was profound and totally changed my life! Up-leveled it for sure!!

Ruthie O, Huntington Beach, USA, Lawyer & Founder of Live your Highest Truth

My journey started in 2013 where my life took a sudden turn of events. 

I always considered myself spiritual and was aware of the great shift everyone was talking about. But little did I know of how this great shift will affect my life on a personal and business level.  My whole life was falling apart and no matter what I did, I was still hitting against something that was surely working against me. I was guided to Julia Tiffin in 2017 and my whole life started to take a turn for the better.

It started off with me having a Life Activation. I was then guided to do Empower Thyself and it was then that I started receiving clarity about where I was heading in life. I received the proper tools to protect myself in so many different ways, and also to navigate my way through life. I don’t know what I would have done if my path did not cross Julia – she literally helped me to shift and change things in my life that I could never have done on my own. Yes, she literally saved my life. 

So to all those out there who are looking for guidance on your spiritual path and the proper tools to navigate your way through life, I highly recommend Julia Tiffin.  

I will always be eternally grateful for Julia’s guidance.  I’m honoured to have Julia as my Guide . 

With love 

Nazley N, Cape Town, South Africa, Business owner & Entrepreneur

I’ve known Julia as a Life Activation Practitioner since 2004. I reached out to her just before the global pandemic lockdown in 2020, as I was going through an incredibly intense, stressful and life-threatening situation. Just connecting with her, talking and then what flowed out of her after not having connected in a decade, was able to totally shift how I perceived my reality, turning my world around and reminding me about the things I had forgotten. I was also blown away by how psychic she has become and how she was able to scan my mind and know how to perceive the situation. Since then, I’ve been enjoying weekly online meditations including Stress RescueTM, and despite all of life’s chaos and unknowns I’ve been smiling through it all and enjoying life.

David N, Ottawa, Canada, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

Julia has guided me through the sacred for a decade with Egyptian Ceremonies and Rituals.

However, my initiation into the Mystery School was at the end of 2018 and carried on through 2019, hitting a bump with the pandemic. Nonetheless, we were able to continue, when the restrictions allowed, with the ceremonies and meditations with Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.

Max Meditation has been available despite the lockdown and government restrictions and has kept me connected with others despite being isolated from much of my normal Mystery School contact.

Julia has guided me through various classes to mention a few: Ensofic Reiki, Astral Travel Travel 1 & 2, Sacred Geometry 1 & Sacred Geometry 2 and True Crystal Magick, the Seven Mystery Schools and the 12 Magical Races.

My own background includes Psychology working with Eating Disorders, Addicts and Alcoholics in a Rehabilitation Environment and I have been involved in 12 Step work for 12 years. I have graduated Psychology Honours from the University of South Africa Social Sciences, graduated from Leeds Bekett University, and was educated at Repton School where I did 4 A-Levels. Whilst at University, I was in the Officer Training Corps and completed MTQ.

Julia read at my wedding in November 2020 when we had a small gathering in the midst of the pandemic and we are so grateful for the beautiful reading she did.

My own journey outside of the Mystery School seems to have accelerated somewhat as the synergy of events and timing has been incredible. The work I do is grueling and emotionally tiring – I have done it for 12 years my ability to continue is largely due to the energy and support I get from the Spiritual Domains into various corners of my life. The ability to get unstuck seems to be a key component in that for me, and Julia seems to be proficient with that beyond my understanding.

I am slowly getting used to not having Julia in Cape Town but want to say how lucky London is to have her and the availability of the Modern Mystery School to those in her surroundings.

Anthony F, Cape Town, South Africa, Psychologist & Addiction Therapist

Dear Julia, thank you so much for the beyond detailed Angel reading. It was so heartwarming and reassuring to know who I can call on for specific purposes and also to know who I have been speaking too! Immediately after your reading, I began asking each of them, according to the information you gave me, for information, healing and guidance and they quickly ‘responded’! I am beyond grateful for the deepening of connection and guidance. I feel them more, which is so reassuring. I am further embodying and sharing my gifts, as reflected by my personal Angels! Thank you.

Annie, R, Wales, United Kingdom, Fitness Teacher

Ensofic training was such a mind-bending 2 day experience and arms you with teachings which can be applied in everyday life. It brought such a change to how I view Life. Highly recommended for each and every person that has the opportunity to have Julia to teach you this modality xxx

Liesl S, Office manager, Cape Town, South Africa

Hi my name is Elhaam. Knowing Julia saved my life! A friend did my Life Activation not knowing I had something attached to me. She did not have the tools to help me, and referred me to her Guide Julia. After Julia removed it there was no turning back for me: I had found the one person that understood what I was going through; that understood me and that stood by me even when I did not understand myself. Julia took me on a path that I will be forever grateful for: the tools that I have received have helped me grow to the point that I can protect myself, my family, my space and even help others while I’m still growing. Julia is not only my Guide, I call her my mother because she is loving, understanding and has stood by my side when it was dark and uncomfortable. With the help of all my tools my mind is silent, I am at peace and not afraid to express myself or stand up for what is right. Thank you Julia Tiffin.  

Elhaam P, Cape Town, South Africa, Personal Assistant

On the 7th of February 2007, I found myself lying on my shower floor trying to find meaning to the lesson we call life on earth. Days of not sleeping brought me to a point of begging the higher realms to help me exit this life. I had two boys ages 6 and 2 but found my life just had no meaning. Struggling, I picked myself up, dragged myself to the computer and started my Google search for help. I typed in a caption ‘Spiritual help needed, find me a saviour’ lol.

Immediately Julia Tiffin at Julia Tiffin’s Practice popped up.

I messaged her and within 20 mins received a response, ‘I am in Canada and will be back by 16 February can you hold on…’ It was the longest wait, but if I could wait l would find some sort of salvation…

The Friday, of our appointment I walked through her door at 3pm and the magic of finding Spiritual help and profound teaching started…

The journey of healing and inner child started and allowed me to find reason to make this Earthly contract work…Very soon I had most of my family activated to start healing generational issues within our family and awaken our gifts…

This journey has been tough,14 years later Julia Tiffin is still my go-to person and has become a very dear friend to me through all my years of working with her…

The saying when you ask the teacher will appear stands true, my Earthly guide and teacher resides in the avatar called Julia Tiffin.

Janine, B, Cape Town, South Africa, Fashion Industry

I met Julia in Sept 2006. The details of meeting her are what one would call  “Divine timing”: I was not invited to meet her, not referred by someone, nor have I heard or read anywhere of her work prior to that day; it was pure obedience on my part to listen to that voice within. 

The last 15 years have been a journey of self-acceptance, self-reflection and self-renewal – all in one – since I connected with Julia. My outlook on life, from my less informed past, was distorted with constructs of various belief systems, which partly stemmed from my unconscious behaviour as well as my upbringing. Nevertheless, I somehow knew within my being that there has to be a different reality other than my programming, and in my search, Julia was the ideal Light shower who was willing to indicate just that. How does she do it? She shows you that to become who you are meant to be you have to “Know Thyself”. Why? Because true understanding is not bound to the mental constructs of the material plane, it is a deepening of your Self realisation whereby Julia offers you more than a tool to stimulate your vibrational readiness. 

She is a great Healer and Teacher who provides you the opportunity to have a vision of what that healing process can offer you instead of just trying to offer you a quick fix. 

Her instruction is not to help you just live your life, whatever kind of life it is that you might pursue, she initiates her students into the Truth of unconditional love which brings them to the Awakened Truth of knowing themselves in as much as the awareness of knowing what beauty this Life can offer. 

Thank you High Priestess Julia.

Tamara-Lee N, The Ocean, Cruise Sales Assistant

I’ve had many wonderful and life enhancing experiences with Julia, from crystal readings to an array of healings. The most recent being the Starseed Healing which was such an incredible healing, felt like I was floating and dancing in the galaxies and even felt an energetic orgasm. Just delicious and truly an awakening of the passions that life holds.

Gente C, Freelance writer, Waterloo, Canada

I highly recommend the Personal Angel Reading by Julia Tiffin for anyone who wants to gain more connection and support from the angelic forces. There is so little reliable information out there about the angels and how to work with them. Even if you already have some tools and information like I do as an initiate, it will expand your capacity to connect with them.

Julia connects you with your “angelic team” that was assigned to you at birth. It is a great reading for sure, but the amount of healing I received in this session was totally unexpected as it’s not a healing per se. It reconnected me with parts of myself that I had lost sight of or was unaware of that needed to be discovered.
I have been hearing about this reading from my friends in The Modern Mystery School for a couple years. I always had it in the back of my mind to do it. But when I saw Julia post about it last week I just knew I should do it right now. And it was perfect timing. So if it speaks to you, go for it!
I gained so much personalized insights that will help me move forward with really big goals and serve my own progression as well as help me be a better Guide, Healer and Teacher.

Julia is in the UK, but it can be done remotely over Zoom.

Dawn R, Meditation Coach, Spiritual Guide & Healer, IT Specialist, San Diego, USA

Personal Angel Reading

I have had the privilege and honor of receiving two wonderful readings from Julia.  I received an angel reading at a major transition time in my life and it was so supportive and affirming.  I could feel the angels right by my side and everything Julia was saying was spot on.  I worked with my team of angels for several months, as Julia suggested, and I am so grateful for their support and the amount of healing I was able to do in that time.  I then received a follow-up reading from Julia, and again, she blew me away with how accurate and in tune she is.  I have again applied the wisdom and insight that she provided and I am moving forward with greater understanding.  I am very particular about who I receive readings and healings from and Julia is seriously one of my favorite healers and guides to work with — she truly has a gift, a wealth of deep understanding and a heart of gold!  I highly recommend receiving a reading from her.

Intuitive coaching

I’m located in the US but have had the pleasure of receiving a few distance intuitive readings with Julia. Julia’s guidance and support helped me navigate a transition in my life and I am forever grateful that I reached out to her- she is absolutely spot on with her intuition and has a depth of wisdom. I was able to apply her insights and suggestions from the readings into my life and have made significant changes for the better. I highly recommend Julia for healings and readings, she is a truly a gem!

Christina H, Psychologist, Boston, USA

If you ever find yourself stuck, wanting to be more empowered, or are simply looking for answers about your life that you haven’t been able figure out, Julia is the person you need to see. She has a wide range of sessions that all work so beautifully in their own way to EMPOWER you in your life. Her ability to help guide you to clean out all of the mess and clearly see for yourself the root cause of the situation is second to none. She has the kindest most genuine heart and truly cares about each and every one of her clients. Saying she is dedicated to helping someone progress in life is an extreme understatement. I’ve had many sessions with her and every time they are over I leave with a greater sense of awareness of self and a clear understanding of where I want to head and WHY. I can’t thank her enough for how she had helped me in my life.

Demetri A, Electrician, Boston, USA

I have had the pleasure of “journeying” with Julia for many years and am beyond grateful for the guidance, knowledge, support and love I have received from her. She is a phenomenal teacher and a beautiful human. My completion of Life Activation & Empower Thyself, Sacred Geometry 1 and 2, Crystal Magick, Astral Travel and numerous Max Meds were pivotal in my metaphysical journey made momentous by Julia’s amazing tutorship and friendship.

Alison G, Change Management, Facilitation, Coaching, Assessment, Leadership, Innovation and Development, Cape Town, South Africa

I was introduced to Max Meditation during the pandemic. Like many of us, I was feeling very overwhelmed, tired, scared, angry and a little lost. My dear friend Nicola, invited me to join Max Meditation one evening and I was blown away by my reaction from the very first night. It helped bring back some calm and balance into my life. Every time I participate in Max Meditation I have a different experience – I cannot explain how or why. But it has become a highlight in my week and always seems to bring me exactly what I was needing.

Julia’s wholehearted commitment to Max Meditation and her compassionate and sincere nature is exceptional. I am extremely grateful to this beautiful human for sharing her unique gifts so generously – Thank you Julia!

Desiree C, Teacher, Cape Town, South Africa

Julia’s Angel Reading gave me a connection to some really key players on my team of light in making actions and decisions in my life. I am so grateful for Julia’s insight and connection to the angels to bring in some really important information to my life and to my soul’s journey on this plane. I now speak to my angels regularly and have found a lot of traction and support for everything that I am doing to be more present in my life. This reading almost felt like a reawakening and connection to my soul’s path and I am forever grateful.

Eden H, Life Activation Practitioner, Denver USA

“Julia Tiffin, excelente terapeuta! Utiliza um método milenar de transformação energética, libertação e autoconhecimento. Fiz um curso com ela no Brasil em Outubro de 2017, foi um divisor de águas na minha vida! Super indico seus cursos e sessões!”

Julia Tiffin, excellent therapist! Uses a millennial method of energy transformation, liberation and self-knowledge. I took a course with her in Brazil in October 2017, it was a game-changer in my life! I highly recommend your courses and sessions!

Marizete C, Florianopolis, Brazil, Holistic Therapist

I met Julia by pure chance, but then again, was it???

At first, I wasn’t too sure how to “handle” my first session. I was nervous and not sure what to expect.

Well, that flew right out of the window, when the first thing Julia did was flash me the biggest smile and hug me hello!

One thing you need to know about Julia. She is perhaps the most gentle, thoughtful, devoted, loving, compassionate person, I have yet to meet. I am not the biggest people person; so to say this about anyone is rare to say the least 🙂.

Julia has guided, healed, aided, transformed, walked with and taught me so much in such a short space of time and in doing all of this, has always had the patience and time to take my calls of panic, to calm the waters.

I always feel completely safe with Julia, “wherever” we go in her classes or programs. She has a beautiful soul that screams out and touches you deep within.

Julia resonates all that is good and can be in this world and demonstrates it.

Anyone that has any question in their mind as to whom to seek out for guidance and lucidity on your path in this life, Julia, will certainly do everything in her power to show this to you, on your terms and in your own pace.

I will always be thankful for meeting Julia at that defining moment in my life. It has made my journey so much lighter and thrilling.

When I think Julia, I always think: Lei continua a camminare con amore nel sentiero della luce” (She continues to walk with love, in the path of Light”)

Kim P, Cape Town, South Africa, Manager

Since the Life Activation session I have regained a more prominent sense of the magic in my daily life. I have become happier in myself, stronger and I believe more open to others. Some of the habits I had developed in my life experiences had “jaded” me and “scarred” me. Now these scars are healing.

Rusty M, Oklahoma, USA, Winery Director

A quick THANK YOU for your kind words and help today.  With you one always feels safe and that FREEEEGGGGINNNN truth button of yours!! I will gladly accept ANY opportunity for growth and/ or recommendations you may have on training and/or healing sessions I should do with you.  I AM READY for change! I want to be able to grow others on my journey so please – whatever you are willing to pass on – I’m HERE – I will take it!

You’ve certainly helped me to unlock a number of things  I thought had been dealt with and I cannot wait to get around to more gunk in the trunk that MUST GO!

Thank you for always believing the good in people and thank you for believing the good in me!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart – I have so much respect for you as a person – every time we are together I just get to know a new depth/side and you are such a beautiful person – in and out. I cannot tell you how much faith in people you are restoring in my life.  I truly hope that all this good that you do will just triple and come back to you in multiple bundles of blessings.  Thank you so much for being faithful on your journey. Thanks for fighting the good fight and not giving up!

Leonie J, Western Cape, South Africa, Empowering People Through Skills Development

It had been seven months since I visited Julia. I have had phenomenal results with the Life Activation, Etheric Surgery and Empower Thyself over the 2 years but I have became absorbed in my everyday life in the last few months. My vibrational frequency was really low, I was feeling withdrawn and completely disconnected from myself and everything around me. I knew I needed some intervention and made an appointment to see her. It was decided after consulting with Julia that my energy needed balancing and in additional to that, a Life Activation top-up was to be done. The results were truely PHENOMENAL! I feel completely human again! My vibrational frequency has not been this high in long time, I feel extremely rejuvenated and my feet are firmly back on the ground. I AM READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD AGAIN:). I feel like a superhuman lol. Thank you Julia. I love you. You are amazing!

Fhad W, Cape Town, South Africa, Key Account Manager

The Bloodline healing gives you so much energy! I wake up now early in the morning with so much energy… and I haven’t changed my diet; the energy levels are amazing!!! From the many things I have done at your practice, this definitely gives you so much energy. With the psychic protection part of the healing, my intuition is SO much better, and I can really trust what I get. But absolutely the energy levels are amazing, and it has been a month and I am still going strong! I am getting 6 hours sleep and it is enough where I would sleep much longer than 8 hours. This is the second time I have done it and it was totally different to the first time. My awareness has expanded and I have become much more in tune with more things, and I have stopped blaming people in my life for things … I can see what are my issues and my ego and what I have to heal that is upsetting me. So you start really being AWARE of things. It is one of the most incredible healings. This session was profound.

Svetlana I, Cape Town, South Africa, Entrepreneur & mom

I had the Soul Retrieval in the last month. It took a while to kick in. But I feel fundamentally different inside. A week later I looked up and realised wow something is different, and I started feeling more and more whole. I feel solid inside, not centered, but solid, like nothing can penetrate me. It made a fundamental difference!

Christa S, Cape Town, South Africa, Emmy nominated Make-up artist

Dearest Julia, thank you so much for the Angel Reading yesterday. I feel my Angels so much closer and have already begun implementing some of what they suggested, with some amazing results. I feel empowered, more aware and generally more ready to take on whatever comes next. This is exactly what I needed at this crucial crux in time. It was the perfect Christmas gift to myself.

Casey O, Austin, USA, Healer

The Personal Angel Reading is profound, pretty powerful stuff to have this knowledge … this is quite incredible and reframes so much of how I saw things in my life. This is coming at the right time! I knew when I saw this I had to had it!

[FOLLOW-UP 1 year later] Firstly I would like to say how grateful I am to have Julia in my life. I had an angel reading about a year and a half ago. Julia has such a personal way of doing the reading which is so beneficial. I recently reviewed it again and I was so grateful to see the relationship I have built up with my Angel Guides and to see the growth and transformation. It’s amazing (I really can’t put into words) how great and beneficial it is to have these Guides in my life everyday. Thank you so much Julia. I’m truly grateful for the work you do.

Linsey B, Berlin, Germany, Artist & Illustrator

I’m grateful for YOU! Your angel reading has changed everything! Omg, its so much fun. I’m getting these tasks for the most random things and it’s definitely Angel Nanael working with me to prove to me that I’m as psychic as my Angels said I am. Whether it’s reaching out to people that didn’t ask me for advice but “coincidentally” they needed the exact info I messaged about to randomly picking up something at the store for someone, this psychic stuff is off the charts! I’m unbelievably compelled to do things coming from within me – it makes so sense, and the fruits are amazing. I’ve started making my own bath salts and the results from my product testers are mindblowing. I’ve been resisting making new videos for my work and I finally put up a teaser and my social media is blowing up! I’m trying really hard to figure out who is working with me, but so far it just feels like me talking to me or me just “knowing” things. But I’m having a lot of fun figuring it out!

Jacquelynne M, Massachusetts, USA, Founder Open the door to your Highest Potential

Dear Julia

I would like to express my gratitude for the gentle caring way in which you facilitated so many areas which needed to heal.  I had no idea that there were so many unresolved things stuck in my aura and physical body.  The King Solomon Healing Modality dealt with unresolved grief, childhood hurts, the hurt of betrayal, forgiveness, my relationship with food, addictive and self-destructive patterns, a reconnection with the little girl …

I don’t think I have enough words to thank you for this experience and the profound changes it brought about in my life …

My wish is that every person I know and love could experience this wonderful process.

Marda H, Cape Town, South Africa, Financial Advisor

Wow, where do I start here. This start on a very inspiring path is incredible to say the least!!

During this Empower Thyself program I became more in tune with myself and reached a higher level of understanding. It “lit up” my mind and soul in ways that can never be dulled again.

The knowledge I gained, allowed for me to “see clearer”, my true path and calling.

With the tools I was handed down, I have been able to clear and protect myself from outside negativity.

I have a calmer demeanor that people are drawn to, so in that capacity, I am able to assist, in their everyday troubles when required.

The knowledge received has allowed me to review and work with my personal and professional abilities and constraints and realize my full potential within this life. I CAN BE EVERYTHING I WANT TO BE!!!

I have gained a more spiritual clarity and abundance that keeps me grinning in wonderment of what is yet come. I can’t wait!!

This program WILL change you, no matter what.

Kim P, Cape Town, South Africa, Manager

THANK YOU SO MUCH for attending our September Networking event.

Thank you for your AMAZING, interesting and professional talk. WOW, WELL DONE, I loved it! And I’m sure everyone else was impressed too, and have been left feeling very and curious too.

Liz R, Cape Town, South Africa, Financial Advisor & Business Networking Club owner