Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerEtheric Reconstruction is a multi-faceted discipline and sometimes a combination of different kinds of Etheric Reconstruction are required in one session. Etheric Reconstruction (in particular the Celestial Code & Matrix Region sessions) complements the Life Activation and enables the client to penetrate deeper to release core belief systems and emotional pain that has become embedded in the etheric structure (this is part of the ‘Aura’). The client often becomes ready to release these issues after a Life Activation and can then choose Etheric Reconstruction to produce more freedom in their lives. The changes people experience after these sessions literally changes lives as it changes the limitations in the way we think and therefore changes the way we live and experience our lives!

The Etheric Reconstruction Practitioner will recommend a course of action but these sessions are dependent on the readiness of the client, and as such the client directs the timing of these sessions!

Below are some of the areas that can be dealt with by the Etheric Reconstruction: