Julia Tiffin - Life Activation Practitioner

If you have already received the Life/DNA Activation, 90% of your dormant DNA has been activated and is shifting your life so you are continuously moving forward. It has only been possible to physically activate the last 10% of this sleeping DNA in the last 15 years. From the Life Activation to the Galactic Actication is a seemingly small jump but it will make a big difference in your life, amongst many changes will be the a huge shift in the way emotions affect you. You will simply no longer shelve emotions and be subjected to them, and you will shift to live in the flow and in the now ..

What is the Galactic Activation?

The Galactic activation or the 24-Strand DNA activation activates the last 2 strands that have been dormant within us since human beings have been on earth. If you have already had the Life/DNA Activation (or what was previously called the 22-Strand DNA Activation), this will be the missing piece in connecting the entire blueprint. This will in fact begin a journey of much easier flow in your life and you will start moving in alignment with your entire blueprint. We have been operating at a mere 10% of our capacity, a fact repeated in scientific literature.

We can now have access to our full potential! And it is time to have the hidden aspects of us awaken and unfold!

What do you need to do?

The process to activate the last 2 strands takes place in a 2 day class!

You will participate in a class that will school you in a deep understanding of the potential you will have with what tradition call a fully restored “ORIGINAL LIGHTBODY”. This class will empower you to shift into your highest potential and will provide suggestions for gaining full access to your personal gifts.

Within the class, will experience unique energy balancing to prepare the body for the activation which is performed one-on-one.

Humans have long quested fullness here on Earth. A procedure like this has been sought since the time of King Salomon.

Where does it come from?

The 22-Strand DNA activation, called the LIFE Activation, used by King Salomon, and now practised openly since the 1990s by one of the 7 key Mystery Schools, although a profound tool in the lives of the people who receive it, is not able to activate the last 2 DNA strands.

It is now time for us to receive the highest level of activation – the 24-Strand DNA Activation.  It became available on the planet in 1998 and the keys to unlock the last 2 strands was handed to the Mystery Schools to be offered to all humans. Since then, thousands of people have been activated at this level and are beginning to experience the transformational shifts that will eventually bring them into a fully Divine Human state on Earth!

What this means for us as we receive this activation is that we will start to develop new abilities. The complete shift itself may take some time – up to 7 years or more – until all the cells of the body are replicating under the newly ignited DNA encodings.

What are the benefits?

These abilities include but are not limited to:

  • Living more comfortably in the ‘now’. This means having the possibility of living 10 lifetimes in one!
  • Having increased consciousness awareness. This results in having much more of your brain power engaged and living in a true reality.
  • Experiencing a great increase in your telepathic abilities so that you have total global contact with all humans and control of the collective consciousness.
  • Embracing the Adamic Seed, fulfilling the prophecies and becoming a Galactic Human.
  • Having the Gates of Heaven always open. This brings you into full contact with God and the Beings of Light. Through these connections, you are able to clearly receive the guidance, support, assistance and directives for your work to be done each day.
  • Having the Full DNA Activation. This is the completion of your full Light Body Activation with all 24 parts of your DNA Tree fired up!
  • Having full control of the Four Elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire. This results in the ability to manifest everything you want to bring into existence in this physical life! 
  • Having spiritual and physical abundance. 
  • Experiencing a greater flow and harmony with the forces of the Universe as your life manifests more easily.
  • Having a deeper knowledge of one’s purpose here on Earth!

Just imagine holding an infinite amount of Light, Energy and Power within your physical body at all times! What couldn’t you accomplish in this physical world? This is the gift you bring to yourself – a gift from God!

Availability: This class & activation is hosted in London with Martina Ruddock and in South Africa with Rita ven den Berg. Please email julia@juliatiffin.com to indicate your interest in booking.

Both the Starseed Healing and the Unified Chakra Awakening support the integration of the Galactic Activation and are recommended after you have received the Galactic Activation.