Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerJoin us for this special event with Meditations and Hermetic Moon Magick Rituals for setting your energy for the month, letting go of the old, and attracting goodness and love into your life! Bring some magick into your life!

The Moon is a powerful mirror which helps us see ourselves more clearly and to know ourselves more. It helps us to access our hidden mysteries inside through it’s powers of deep reflection.

The Hermetic energy bridges Heaven and Earth, creating unity and purity. The series of ceremonies & meditation you will experience tonight will create balance and harmony and help to stabilize the subconscious mind for the entire following moon.
Join us for this special experience!

Investment: £20 pre-payment, £25 at the door (cash or credit card)
Duration: 2-3 hours

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A Mystical Night Under the Full Moon

I had the pleasure of attending the Hermetic Full Moon Ceremony last month, and it was an enchanting experience that left me in awe. The ceremony was a mesmerizing blend of spirituality, symbolism, and connection with the cosmos.

From the moment I arrived, I was welcomed by a warm and inviting atmosphere. Julia had created a sacred space adorned with candles, incense, and mystical symbols, setting the perfect ambiance for the evening.

The ceremony itself was beautifully orchestrated. The Hermetic traditions were expertly woven into every aspect of the ritual, from the opening meditation to the closing ceremony. I was impressed by Julia’s ability to really bring the ceremonies alive with her delivery and guidance which are full of her unique magickal grace and wisdom.

One of the highlights of the evening was the guided meditation, it helped me connect with the full moon in Pisces. It was a profound experience to connect not only with the moon but also the universe, and I felt a deep sense of inner peace and alignment.

Throughout the ceremony, there was a sense of community and connection among the participants. It was evident that everyone present shared a genuine desire to surrender to this experience, and to dip their toes into Hermeticism, to explore the mysteries of the cosmos together.

The Hermetic Full Moon Ceremony left a lasting impression on me. It was a night of magick, spirituality, and self-discovery. I left with a sense of clarity and a renewed connection to the universe. I highly recommend this ceremony to anyone interested in Hermetic traditions or seeking a deeper connection to the mystical aspects of life. It was truly a night to remember. Lisa, J, Complementary therapist, London, UK