Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerINTRODUCTION TO ALCHEMY

The tradition of Alchemy has long held the secrets to transformation, accelerated evolution, achieving your true potential, and MORE.

In this 90 minute presentation or 2.5-3 hour workshop, you will learn about this incredible art and science that gives us the formula for transforming our lead (the heavy, dark, or undesirable aspects) into gold (the true potential of our inner being).

Some of the things Alchemy can do for you:

  • Create true and lasting change in your life
  • Harness forces within you to get the results you desire and deserve
  • Heighten your intuition and stimulate your creativity
  • Help you break free from limitations and dead weight that hold you down
  • Unleash your true potential
  • Help you masterfully manifest your dreams and goals

£15 for 90 minute presentation
£25 for 2.5-3 hour workshop, which includes some experiential alchemical processes