Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerThe Angel Code Healing

A truly holy session using pure frequencies, vibrations and Archangels. This session attunes you with your true Angelic nature, to unleash your angel wings and rise above the negativity of daily life.

Each person is designed to have the same frequency of an Archangel, a frequency of 528 Hz! The average frequency of humans is much lower (under 200 Hz) and leads to drama, pettiness, constant worry & fear and living a mediocre existence. This healing raises your vibration to the 528 Hz frequency, and from this heightened vibration and perspective, it will facilitate your progression and shifting to a greater elevation in life. In Alchemy, we do not use emotional processing as a means to shift your life, we heighten your vibration to elicit a mental and emotional transformation. The Angel Code Healing is profound in that it can shift your vibration to that of the Archangelic realms to support shifts and transformation in your life!

Investment: £250