Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerThis heals and cleans-up damage in the aura from a stressful lifestyle, and a lifestyle that includes alcohol, drugs, hot caffeine, cigarettes as well as traumas in life. The aura is a huge structure with a 30m (50ft) diameter and gets damaged through all these stressors which then completely comprises our ability to hold light, positive energy, good mental energy, joy, creativity, inspiration as well as physical energy. The aura is the structure that holds all our life force energy for positive living! When it gets damaged, it affects us mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically and it is an important complement to the Life Activation and any clean-up session.

Receiving one session is excellent, but receiving a series of session can be immensely helpful. Sessions are repeated with at least a week inbetween sessions. Up to 3 sessions are suggested for optimal healing!

Investment: £120 for one session

Investment for 3 sessions: £300 (£100 per session)