Julia Tiffin - Life Activation Practitioner
This was taken using a digital Kirlian camera

This healing is truly unique. The blood carries the life force and has a Divine intelligence. Cleaning the blood in this healing, cleans emotions, the body and negative residues and has all sorts of results.

This healing is also uniquely a Psychic Protection Healing and many people who are psychic, psychically inclined or deeply intuitive, feel they need more protection. Both this and The Ra Protection Healing bring more protection to a person’s life but in very different ways. This is particularly good for psychic people and after the session, people report a greater sense of psychic awareness and a greater sense of psychic self-defense and protection.

The benefits are different for every person and are different each time you participate in the session.  What has been received in these sessions includes:

  • Enhanced psychic awareness
  • New level of psychic self-defense & protection
  • Greater sense of well-being in the world
  • Emotional healing including release of hidden anger, sorrow, & frustration
  • Physical and emotional de-tox
  • Physical healing as the blood is cleansed
  • And much, much more

Investment 1st session: £175

Session length: 1-2 hours

Book for 3 sessions: £450 (£150 per session. Value: £525)

This healing compliments all healing and is a powerful standalone modality.


The Bloodline healing gives you so much energy! I wake up now early in the morning with so much energy… and I haven’t changed my diet; the energy levels are amazing!!! From the many things I have done at your practice, this definitely gives you so much energy. With the psychic protection part of the healing, my intuition is SO much better, and I can really trust what I get. But absolutely the energy levels are amazing, and it has been a month and I am still going strong! I am getting 6 hours sleep and it is enough where I would sleep much longer than 8 hours. This is the second time I have done it and it was totally different to the first time. My awareness has expanded and I have become much more in tune with more things, and I have stopped blaming people in my life for things … I can see what are my issues and my ego and what I have to heal that is upsetting me. So you start really being AWARE of things. It is one of the most incredible healings. This session was profound.

Svetlana I, Cape Town, South Africa, Entrepreneur & mom