Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerIf you have felt really bogged down by negative relationships or negative events in your life, this would be a good session for you…

The Purification by Light Package includes the following:

Purification by Light

This uses ancient toning & holy words to create a strong vortex of light into your aura to clear up any residues that you are carrying in your auric field. It has the effect of bringing a washing machine in your aura to clean it up! It cleans up any ‘lost souls’, ancestral energies or other parasitic energies that are draining your life force. These energies can be picked up from negative places or negative people. This allows you to have full access to the holy energy of light that has been designed to feed your soul and being so you can life your life fully!

Emotional Cord Cutting

The emotional cord cutting allows you to cut all negative cords you have between yourself and loved ones and other people in your life; allowing your love cords to thrive and positive relations to form once again. There are many, many negative cords we have created with parents, animals, children, friends, colleagues, lovers etc over our lifetimes and a deep kiss alone can result in a cord that lasts for 7 years. A good analogy is thinking of your life as a forest where the trees represent strong love bonds and where we have so many weeds in our forest (negative cords) that they are choking our forest (us) and our love relationships (the trees). We may also have created cords with people that are no longer in our lives and it is time to move past that, and a cord cutting is a welcome relief in our life.

Spell Removal

‘Spells’ are negative thoughts sent to us with strong intent. Sometimes people have been exposed to negative magical practices based on where they grew up, but we also receive many negative thoughts from people in our life, such a jealousy, envy etc, and this can put a damper on our life. This removes all levels of ‘Spells’.

‘The Purification by Light Plus’ includes the Shamanic Aura Clearing:

A Shamanic Aura Clearing aura clearing helps to cleanse, clarify and purify your aura in a way that’s both gentle and powerful. By incorporating the Sutra of the Heart, this unique aura clearing cleanses negative thought residues that are clinging to your auric field, clearing your mind, and leaving behind thought patterns that form negative opinions about yourself and others.

Investment for Purification by Light Package: £150 (£150 – £250)*

Session length: 1-1.5 hours

* Depends on the level of work required.

Investment for Purification by Light Package Plus: £210 (Full value: £270)

Session length: 2 – 2.5 hours

The following packages discounts the Purification by Light Package with other healings: