This advanced Etheric Re-construction Negative Residue Removal deals with removing outside negative influences (in other words not your own belief systems that you created but other outside energies) that have lodged themselves in the Etheric Structure and so influence thought patterns and can exacerbate emotional wounding & negative mental patterns. As with the previous session, the effects can be profound on the individual, and may require some integration time before a follow-up session is scheduled. The Etheric Surgery is sealed with ancient holy symbols and toning a Holy name of G-d.

Investment: £250
Session length: 1 hour

This modality is often performed in conjunction/adjacent the Etheric Re-construction Celestial Code Region, The Modern Mystery School EnSofic Ray™ or the Purification of Light session.


I did a series of Etheric Reconstruction and Celestial Code sessions with Julia that completely changed my life. Over the course of these sessions, I uncovered a negative, deep-rooted belief I’ve had about myself since I was very young. And in our final session, she completely cleared it. Life has been easier since clearing this block. It feels like I’m not fighting myself. Taking action to manifest my goals is easier. I’m also just happier; with myself and my life.

This isn’t the only positive experience I’ve had with Julia. I’ve done a ton of her sessions and courses, the culmination of which changed my life. As a result of the shifts I’ve experienced, I decided to change where I live and change my career. I’m pursuing my childhood dreams and really going for it.

If you want to shift, heal and feel more like yourself, work with Julia. She’s loving, she’s powerful, and she’s incredibly wise—she’s the real deal!

Raisa R, New York, Entrepreneur & Fashion designer