Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerEtheric Reconstruction Physical Body Region assists the physical body by removing the debris left on the Etheric Body from physical wounds/trauma (e.g. whiplash, broken limbs) that has left scarring in the etheric body. Although the wounds may have healed in the physical, they can still create problems for you and this can alleviate the residual pain/weakness by clearing up the scarring where it is stored. Additionally, relief can be achieved by clearing out a disease pattern in the Etheric Structure so a better recovery from the disease pattern is ensured.

This requires the client to have a desire for recovery from the disease for the surgery to have long lasting effects. Using the elements and the light from Ensof (the highest aspect of God, The Almighty or Allah), these wounds can be healed and physical problems from the old wounds can be can be alleviated. Julia has had results in removing cancerous cells completely from the body, but the maintenance of this depends on the emotional healing process of the client (Celestial Code Etheric Reconstruction is recommended for this deeper emotional healing).

Investment: £200

Session length: 1 hour