During the Hands of Melchizedek HealingJulia Tiffin - Life Activation Practitioner, you are engulfed, energetically, in a purifying fire which literally eats away the negativity and darkness in your life, destroying the patterns that created dis-ease in your life, thereby creating a new foundation for your healing. Throughout each part of your body, you are cleansed and refined, ultimately to be reinvigorated to move forward in your life. The healing is about love, and forgiveness, as well as purification of ourselves. It is a process of shining the highest light into the darkness so that the shadows can no longer exist.


If you consider each of the obstacles we face in life as chains hooking on to you and slowing you down, then this healing would be the fire that burns those chains away. It leaves you completely free to move forward, it revitalizes your strength and motivation, and it burns away any doubt, pity, and negativity that you may have concerning yourself. It is truly a step from being a robot filled with despair into a King or Queen who seeks their royal throne once more.


Investment: R1500 per session

Duration of session: 1 hour