This is a special reading of empowerment giving you the names of a team of Angels that serve you so that you can continue to work with them daily in your life and develop a relationship with them. You will not only receive messages from them but you will start a more connected way to work with them daily.

This is a reading that can be offered remotely or in person.

The angels that were assigned to you allow Julia to access some key qualities you bring to the world and help you to move towards your ‘true North’, the direction of your path in life. The angels that get assigned to you at the moment of birth are guides throughout your life and they match or complement key pieces of your DNA & support you to overcome obstacles you may experience. They completely understand your unique essence as they carry a similar or complementary resonance and enhance your uniqueness throughout life.

Wouldn’t it be great to know who these Angelic guides and life partners are so you create a relationship with these invisible beings in your life and use their help to become who you were destined to become?

This reading will:

  • Identify your Angelic team
  • Reveal their qualities (and yours)
  • Receive suggestions as to how to work with them and develop a relationship for greater empowerment, understanding and protection on a daily basis


The angel reading really opened my eyes to new dimensions of my power that I had never allowed myself to see. For most of my life, I have always had a hard time seeing my goodness, my unique gifts or talents. I would always swipe these things under the rug and never actually think that they mattered. Julia (You) had an incredible way of really seeing me. You saw all these unique expressions of myself that I had just cast aside. You not only saw them, you brought them to light in a whole new way and highlighted the importance of my individual essence. So much so that you were able to remind me that certain Archangels were assisting and guiding me based on those gifts I thought were insignificant. Ultimately, you helped me see myself more, love myself more, and step into a new dimension of being where my thoughts, words, and deeds could actually make a greater impact on this world. Thank you so much for granting me this newfound awareness and helping empower me to wield the power of these awesome beings of light! It was profound and totally changed my life! Up-leveled it for sure!! Ruthie, O, Huntington Beach, USA

I have had the privilege and honor of receiving two wonderful readings from Julia.  I received an angel reading at a major transition time in my life and it was so supportive and affirming.  I could feel the angels right by my side and everything Julia was saying was spot on.  I worked with my team of angels for several months, as Julia suggested, and I am so grateful for their support and the amount of healing I was able to do in that time.  I then received a follow-up reading from Julia, and again, she blew me away with how accurate and in tune she is.  I have again applied the wisdom and insight that she provided and I am moving forward with greater understanding.  I am very particular about who I receive readings and healings from and Julia is seriously one of my favorite healers and guides to work with — she truly has a gift, a wealth of deep understanding and a heart of gold!  I highly recommend receiving a reading from her. Christina, H, Boston, USA

Dearest Julia, thank you so much for the Angel Reading yesterday. I feel my Angels so much closer and have already begun implementing some of what they suggested, with some amazing results. I feel empowered, more aware and generally more ready to take on whatever comes next. This is exactly what I needed at this crucial crux in time. It was the perfect Christmas gift to myself. Casey, O, Austin, USA

Dear Julia, thank you so much for the beyond detailed Angel reading. It was so heartwarming and reassuring to know who I can call on for specific purposes and also to know who I have been speaking to! Immediately after your reading I began asking each of them, according to the information you gave me, for information, healing and guidance and they quickly ‘responded’! I am beyond grateful for the deepening of connection and guidance. I feel them more, which is so reassuring. I am further embodying and sharing my gifts, as reflected by my personal Angels! Annie, R, Wales, United Kingdom

This is profound, pretty powerful stuff to have this knowledge … this is quite incredible and reframes so much of how I saw things in my life. This is coming at the right time! I knew when I saw this I had to had it!

[FOLLOW-UP 1 year later] Firstly I would like to say how grateful I am to have Julia in my life. I had an angel reading about a year and a half ago. Julia has such a personal way of doing the reading which is so beneficial. I recently reviewed it again and I was so grateful to see the relationship I have built up with my Angel Guides and to see the growth and transformation. It’s amazing (I really can’t put into words) how great and beneficial it is to have these Guides in my life everyday. Thank you so much Julia. I’m truly grateful for the work you do. Linsey, B, Berlin, Germany

Julia’s Angel Reading gave me a connection to some really key players on my team of light in making actions and decisions in my life. I am so grateful for Julia’s insight and connection to the angels to bring in some really important information to my life and to my soul’s journey on this plane. I now speak to my angels regularly and have found a lot of traction and support for everything that I am doing to be more present in my life. This reading almost felt like a reawakening and connection to my soul’s path and I am forever grateful. Eden, H, Denver USA

I highly recommend the Personal Angel Reading by Julia Tiffin for anyone who wants to gain more connection and support from the angelic forces. There is so little reliable information out there about the angels and how to work with them. Even if you already have some tools and information, it will expand your capacity to connect with them. Julia connects you with your “angelic team” that was assigned to you at birth. It is a great reading for sure, but the amount of healing I received in this session was totally unexpected as it’s not a healing per se. It reconnected me with parts of myself that I had lost sight of or was unaware of that needed to be discovered. I have been hearing about this reading from my friends for a couple years. I always had it in the back of my mind to do it. But when I saw Julia post about it last week I just knew I should do it right now. And it was perfect timing. So if it speaks to you, go for it! I gained so much personalized insights that will help me move forward with really big goals and serve my own progression as well as help me be a better Guide, Healer and Teacher. Dawn R, San Diego, USA

How to book a reading:

Information required: Full birth name (plus married name or other name changes), date of birth, place of birth, time of birth (if possible), time zone where you are, email and cell. Julia will need this information before she can schedule the session.

Duration of reading: 1.5 – 2 hours over Zoom OR in person, detailed notes emailed just before the session & a recording after the session.

Booking: OR +44 7380 607980

Investment: £200

(For 1.5-2 hour reading, notes about the Angels, notes about how to connect with your Angels and a recording of the reading).

Payment: Credit card