Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerThroughout life, we experience many different things and learn different things, what I like to think of as the learning attained form the University of Life. Sometimes in this process we lose pieces of ourselves, we feel compromised somehow.

Have you ever felt like a piece of you is missing .. a piece that you were used to having but somehow can’t seem to access?

Parts of us can become fractured and dis-abled through trauma (eg, being over-disciplined, abuse, loss, shock, accidents etc) and decisions that are less than good for us. This utilizes an ancient process in which Soul Fragments that have become detached through trauma/grief are retrieved and then re-integrated into one’s soul body. You will feel that you have more parts of you and you will experience being whole and re-united with self. This healing is taken from the King Solomon Mind Region Healings, which is a deep 10 session journey to deeply heal fractures in the mind.

This session is deeply relaxing and nurturing.

Investment: £200

Session length: 1.5 hours

I had the Soul Retrieval in the last month. It took a while to kick in. But I feel fundamentally different inside. A week later I looked up and realised wow something is different, and I started feeling more and more whole. I feel solid inside, not centered, but solid, like nothing can penetrate me. It made a fundamental difference!

Christa S, Cape Town, South Africa, Emmy nominated Make-up artist