Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerMAKE YOUR HOME A MORE COMFORTABLE PLACE TO LIVE IN

We are dedicated to support our clients to maintain their personal growth and development. Julia works together with a  team of trained people who have been trained in a 3000 year old lineage of house blessing. The home is like a Temple for your Temple (your body) and it needs to support you as a sacred being to maintain positive energies. We are not only interested in transforming spaces but also in educating our clients how to maintain their own sacred space. We offer this consultation  to maintain your sacred space as part of our House Blessing service but also may suggest our clients attend the Sacred Geometry 1 class where we teach you how to use your hands to create a Sacred Space in any space that needs to support you energetically (this could be a hotel room, office, home, classroom, vacation spot, child’s room, seminar room etc).

It is also an excellent service to clear the energy of the previous home owners from your new home, so it is more harmonious to live in or help you sell your home.

We have also noticed an increased need for children of today to stay in a space that supports them positively, especially during their dreamtime. We can support and council clients who report children having nightmares and unsupportive energies in their home.

We are focused on creating happy families, harmonious homes, positive business places and teaching our clients to create positive spaces wherever they go!


Investment: Price on Request

Duration: Depends on size of property


Products for Self-help

If you need short term solutions, we have many products for sale that will help you. These products are designed to help you help yourself. If your home needs protection, you can purchase Mother Earth Essence (incl. Psychic Protection) directly from Julia Tiffin’s Practice. We also sell Temple Holy Water, Holy Sage Water, Sacred Sage bundles prepared by a shaman, Holy Salt (the alchemical material of Salt which is naturally holy, is made even stronger), Orgonite (a product designed to protect your home of EMF, and general negative energies) and Water fountains (see www.awesomeorgonite.com).