Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerSETTING SACRED ENERGY

For Love, the Soul, the Spirit, Spiritual Life, the Home

If you have a special event, a sacred holy event or ceremony, such as bringing a child into the world or a sacred wedding, you may want to call upon the services of a Ritual Master to build a sacred energetic space of the highest order for this event! A sacred altar with candles etc also can be set. This would also be excellent for anyone who needs more spiritual support in their space if they are recovering from any difficult personal experience. This is offered to you at a reasonable hourly rate, excluding travel costs.


We are serious about helping people to assure the sanctity of human life!


Investment: R850/hour


Classes Available

Please note that Sacred Geometry 1 & 4 classes are available to train you in setting one kind of sacred Temple in your home. The Temples offered here are additional Temples whereby a trained Ritual Master can further ensure the sanctity of bringing a being into the world! This was done in times of old where all human life was honoured, especially the time of bringing life into the world & the sanctity of human love bonds!