Life & pressure has sped up faster than we know how to manage. Our genetic memories can help us only up to a point as we experience speed wobbles of increasing pressure to change, adapt and transform. Now we really need to understand what stress is, how to manage it, and how to become masters of transforming stress to create the life we desire.

Stress is also responsible for causing 80-90% of disease, and it is imperative we reduce stress in these unique times across the globe to stay healthy and strong.

In this class, we will practice & learn stress management skills that you can use regularly to keep your stress levels down.

Information covered:

* What is stress?

* The effect stress has on us

* Multiple solutions & techniques to handle stress

* Life management

This is a practical and fun online class that will support you!

Duration: 8 hours (This can also be taught in 5 x 1.5 hour sessions)

Payment: TBC