after empower thyself

My journey with Julia started in 2013 when I attended the Empower Thyself class with her. I didn’t quite realise it at the time, but this class set in motion an incredible process in my life, and one that I am eternally grateful for! I had been walking the path of the spiritual seeker for some time, but this particular class really anchored the journey to “knowing thyself”. It provided incredible knowledge AND it provided very powerful and ancient tools to assist me in navigating my life in a far more clear, connected and effective way. Julia is an excellent teacher, and her ability to clearly communicate vast and complex concepts in an easy to understand manner, really helped me to ground these concepts into my life. I have also had the privilege of experiencing a few of the healing modalities that she offers, and all have had a profound effect on my life, and all delivered far beyond what I was expecting in terms of results. I highly recommend her work, as she really takes the time to connect with her client, and makes you feel held and supported through a healing and transformational process that is not always comfortable.