after the bloodline or psychic protection healing

This healing gives you so much energy! I wake up now early in the morning with so much energy… and I haven’t changed my diet; the energy levels are amazing!!! From the many things I have done at your practice, this definitely gives you so much energy. With the psychic protection part of the healing, my intuition is SO much better, and I can really trust what I get. But absolutely the energy levels are amazing; it has been a month and I am still going strong! I am getting 6 hours sleep and it is enough where I would sleep much longer than 8 hours before. This is the second time I have done it and it was totally different from the first time. My awareness has expanded and I have become much more in tune with more things, and I have stopped blaming people in my life for things … I can see what are my issues, what is my ego and what I have to heal that is upsetting me. So I have started being really AWARE of things. It is one of the most incredible healings. This session was profound.