after the life activation and empower thyself

The very first body of work I did with Julia Tiffin was the Life Activation and then the Empower Thyself Workshop shortly afterwards (I have done so much with Julia after this but this was the game changer for me). It’s so strange for me to look back at how much and how drastically my life has changed and progressed since I’ve started working with Julia! I recall being in a very hopeless, depressed and lost space at the time, I was stuck in a job I hated, with no real prospects on the horizon. I remember first getting the Life Activation which filled me with so much hope and renewal, and I knew I had to have more! I did the Empower Thyself after that, which just accelerated and changed the trajectory of my life in a totally new and exciting way. Fast forward to today, I am in such an amazing space, with so much more freedom, joy and abundance (I’m earning 3x what I was when we first met). I have clarity, vision and purpose which is even more valuable than money! Honestly one of the things I’m endlessly grateful for every day is that our paths somehow miraculously crossed. The Life Activation and Empower Thyself are the two things I would wish for everyone to bring joy, hope and empowerment to their lives.