About Julia as a person


Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerA quick THANK YOU for your kind words and help today.  With you one always feels safe and that FREEEEGGGGINNNN truth button of yours!! I will gladly accept ANY opportunity for growth and/ or recommendations you may have on training and/or healing sessions I should do with you.  I AM READY for change! I want to be able to grow others on my journey so please – whatever you are willing to pass on – I’m HERE – I will take it!


You’ve certainly helped me to unlock a number of things  I thought had been dealt with and I cannot wait to get around to more gunk in the trunk that MUST GO!


Thank you for always believing the good in people and thank you for believing the good in me!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart – I have so much respect for you as a person – every time we are together I just get to know a new depth/side and you are such a beautiful person – in and out. I cannot tell you how much faith in people you are restoring in my life.  I truly hope that all this good that you do will just triple and come back to you in multiple bundles of blessings.  Thank you so much for being faithful on your journey. Thanks for fighting the good fight and not giving up!


Leonie J, Empowering People Through Skills Development, Somerset West



After a Life Activation top-up


It had been seven months since I visited Julia. I have had phenomenal results with the Life Activation, Etheric Surgery and Empower Thyself over the 2 years but I have became absorbed in my everyday life in the last few months. My vibrational frequency was really low, I was feeling withdrawn and completely disconnected from myself and everything around me. I knew I needed some intervention and made an appointment to see her. It was decided after consulting with Julia that my energy needed balancing and in additional to that, a Life Activation top-up was to be done. The results were truely PHENOMENAL! I feel completely human again! My vibrational frequency has not been this high in long time, I feel extremely rejuvenated and my feet are firmly back on the ground. I AM READY TO TAKE ON THE WORLD AGAIN:). I feel like a superhuman lol. Thank you Julia. I love you. You are amazing!


Fhad W, Key Account Manager for Neotel, Plumstead



After the King Solomon Healing Modality (11 sessions):


Dear Julia


I would like to express my gratitude for the gentle caring way in which you facilitated so many areas which needed to heal.  I had no idea that there were so many unresolved things stuck in my aura and physical body.  The KSHM dealt with unresolved grief, childhood hurts, the hurt of betrayal, forgiveness, my relationship with food, addictive and self-destructive patterns, a reconnection with the little girl …


I don’t think I have enough words to thank you for this experience and the profound changes it brought about in my life …


My wish is that every person I know and love could experience this wonderful process.”


Marda H, Financial Advisor, Durbanville



After The Empower Thyself Initiation


Wow, where do I start here. This start on a very inspiring path is incredible to say the least!!


During this program I became more in tune with myself and reached a higher level of understanding. It “lit up” my mind and soul in ways that can never be dulled again.


The knowledge I gained, allowed for me to “see clearer”, my true path and calling.


With the tools I was handed down, I have been able to clear and protect myself from outside negativity.


I have a calmer demeanor that people are drawn to, so in that capacity, I am able to assist, in their everyday troubles when required.


The knowledge received has allowed me to review and work with my personal and professional abilities and constraints and realize my full potential within this life. I CAN BE EVERYTHING I WANT TO BE!!!


I have gained a more spiritual clarity and abundance that keeps me grinning in wonderment of what is yet come. I can’t wait!!


This program WILL change you, no matter what.


Kim P, Manager, Tableview



About Julia as a speaker


THANK YOU SO MUCH for attending our September Networking event.


Thank you for your AMAZING, interesting and professional talk. WOW, WELL DONE, I loved it! And I’m sure everyone else was impressed too, and have been left feeling very and curious too.


Liz R, Financial Advisor & Business Networking Club owner, Durbanville



About Julia: “As a Teacher, Guide, Healer, Inspirer, Magician, and and and …”


I met Julia by pure chance, but then again, was it???


At first, I wasn’t too sure how to “handle” my first session. I was nervous and not sure what to expect.


Well, that flew right out of the window, when the first thing Julia did was flash me the biggest smile and hug me hello!


One thing you need to know about Julia. She is perhaps the most gentle, thoughtful, devoted, loving, compassionate person, I have yet to meet. I am not the biggest people person; so to say this about anyone is rare to say the least 🙂


Julia has guided, healed, aided, transformed, walked with and taught me so much in such a short space of time and in doing all of this, has always had the patience and time to take my calls of panic, to calm the waters.


I always feel completely safe with Julia, “wherever” we go in her classes or programs. She has a beautiful soul that screams out and touches you deep within.


Julia resonates all that is good and can be in this world and demonstrates it.


Anyone that has any question in their mind as to whom to seek out for guidance and lucidity on your path in this life, Julia, will certainly do everything in her power to show this to you, on your terms and in your own pace.


I will always be thankful for meeting Julia at that defining moment in my life. It has made my journey so much lighter and thrilling.


When I think Julia, I always think: “Lei continua a camminare con amore nel sentiero della luce” (She continues to walk with love, in the path of Light”) 


Kim P, Manager, Tableview