The June Summer Clean-up includes:

The Shamanic Aura Clearing ~ If you haven’t heard of it, you probably have not had it as this is the first time I am offering this in the UK!  This session helps to clear out thought forms that you have picked up from the environment, simply by walking through a space. This also includes your own negative thoughts that are clinging to your energy field! Time to get this old energy out of your field!
The Emotional Cord Cutting ~ This clears up the negative energy flowing to you from the negative emotional cords you create with other people through negative interactions, even with loved ones. This helps you to source renewed energy for your life, to create better flow in your relationships, and to bring you the positive energy you need to live your life!
The Spell Removal ~ This removes words spoken negatively about you from others that can affect you in many ways. These spells get stuck to your energy field affecting how you think about yourself and the amount of energy you have available to tackle life with passion!
The Good Spell Casting ~ Here you state what you want to create next in your life and this ritual will flow your own desires into the Universe with power assisting you to manifest your desires!


For the month of June only!


£100 (usually £220)


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