Building Strength

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LionBuilding Strength is key to creating more joy in your life.

Everyone can live a life of purpose, passion and joy, and follow their heart. We are coded to do that; it is our mission to find the map within to be able to navigate ourselves to our deepest joy. It may be that fulfilling your dreams and being in alignment with your core essence is a main key to finding joy, but it is the quality of strength that we need so we can fulfill those dreams.

Strength is a quality that builds over time. Metal is thrown into fire to get stronger and stronger, to increase toughness, to increase resistance to shock and to reduce brittleness.

Similarly, life throws us challenges so we too can harden our mettle and acquire this quality that we need. And it does not happen through just one challenge, we need a series of challenges, with breaks inbetween, to be able develop strength.

Generally speaking, tempering involves reheating hardened steel to a specific temperature and holding it there for a short time before cooling. This increases toughness (resistance to shock or impact loading) and reduces brittleness by allowing carbon to precipitate into tiny carbide particles. (For more info click here.)

What is strength and what does it look like?
Strength has a number of faces:

1. Being able to keep your focus on your passion, and maintain that vision while other challenges try to keep you off focus.

It is important to be able to split your focus to finish an opposing crisis or urgent situation, but then to be able to return your focus back to what is important. Keep the eye on the ball, in other words.

2. Being able to do things you don’t enjoy for a period of time so you can do what you enjoy doing.

Going on a sugar detox, for example, is not an easy experience, but sometimes you have to do that so you can have a body that is happier and can serve you for what you want to do. There are always things we have to do that we don’t enjoy while we are living a purposeful life. It is this ability to work through the things you don’t enjoy that gives you the resilience and ‘weight’ to take your dreams to their highest level.

3. Having consistency in what you say and do and following through on agreements you made.

Sometimes it means having the strength to change those agreements you made when you realized you could not deliver on them. This means you need to have the strength to be accountable for your actions and words; this is what builds the integrity of your being, and is another face to ‘strengthening your mettle’.

4. Saying no to what feels inappropriate to you even when it means you may be uncomfortable with the outcome.

Sometimes saying no means you will reduce your popularity or access to affection and positive feedback. Having strength means you can see beyond short term comfort and see long term returns and be able to handle periods of discomfort.

5. Not allowing others’ emotions, moods & opinions to affect how you feel about yourself.

You will be tested over and over again until less of other people’s opinions, emotions and moods affect you, giving you the strength to selfnavigate your ship through life. The ability to be in charge of your ship without other people’s storms affecting you will give you the strength to sail in completely different waters away from those winds.

Strength and Fun

6. Having strength ALSO means doing things that bring you joy, and choosing joy over pain and suffering.

This seems easy, but it is not so easy. There is an addiction to pain and suffering which has been part of our consciousness for some time. We can see this in the choices people make choosing money over passion, gossiping, getting hooked into the pattern of addictions, depression and anxiety and a host of experiences which do not bring us joy. Choosing to seek help, choosing how to navigate your mind and emotions, taking up exercise that you enjoy, being conscious in your food choices that will empower your body, choosing to be with good people that appreciate your growth and strength, choosing good memories to focus on, choosing to do the things you love doing, and making the time for this, takes an amazing amount of strength.Showing strength

7. Being kind when you are stronger than another.

When you are stronger than another person, it is the easier route to dominate someone, or to exert yourself unnecessarily. This weakens your strength actually as this creulty breaks you down and is where your mettle is weak. A mark of true strength is when you can show kindness when someone needs it, and help another when they are vulnerable or not as strong as you are.

These are just some of the faces of strength. As you review these:

  1. Acknowledge yourself for what you have attained in these areas.
  2. Gently assess where you can make some course correction moving forward.
  3. Do this one step at a time, and build your strength month after month.
How does this relate to the Tree of Life?

The energy of strength resides in the Sephiroth Geburah on the Tree of Life. As we start stepping into our personal power in life, we start to master the energy of Geburah. It is possible to get out of alignment with that energy, and this is when you become manipulative, cruel, overcontrolling and domineering in your life. This energy needs to be balanced with Chesed on the Tree of Life. Chesed holds the energy of Mercy and Compassion. It is the balancing of these two forces which teaches you the most balanced application of strength.

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