Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerDEEP HEALING FOR YOUR AURA & SOUL

Learn how to heal the aura and your inner being using the 3 sacred geometries of heaven & and the Egyptian Gods & Goddesses to produce profound healing for your being.

This healing is especially helpful for any kind of trauma or dysfunction in your life, or anything where you feel disjointed. It creates sense of being whole and ‘together’. Good for anyone who lives in the modern world and gets challenged with all the stresses and demands of life! This is a healing you can do for yourself and for others.


Investment: £350

Duration: 8 hours

Pre-requisites: Sacred Geometry 1 & 2* and Empower Thyself

* Please note it is best to give yourself integration time between this and the next Sacred Geometry class.


Wow, Sacred Geometry 3 teaches the coolest healing of them all! I wanted to learn this to use for my own clients, but after I realized I could do it on myself, too, I quickly became my own most  frequent client. This healing helps me to let go of stagnant trauma which builds up and blocks me from living as my true self. After doing this healing in class, I went to a shop and started talking to the shopkeeper in my 3rd language like it was no big deal, which I never felt comfortable doing beforehand. I didn’t even notice until I was on my way home, and then realized, “wow, that healing definitely worked”. I cannot speak highly enough about SG3, it will help you in more ways than you could even know.

Jackie N, Business owner & PhD candidate, Barcelona, Spain