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The Universal Kabbalah

Kabbalah is the study of The Tree of Life which we could call the ultimate ‘Instruction Manual for Life’. Kabbalah is the fastest way for westerners to achieve enlightenment. It is designed for the western mind and encourages being in the world, providing tools for working within our regular environment to anchor and express our true self more fully into the world.

For frequently asked questions about Kabbalah and The Universal Kabbalah, please download: Universal Kabbalah FAQ

The Universal Kabbalah compliments all walks of life, welcomes those of all spiritual paths, and becomes a pattern or new way of perceiving this world that helps us see into the deeper meaning of our experiences in life. Programs offered by The Universal Kabbalah South Africa are open to anyone who feels called to take this journey and are committed to their personal growth.

The Universal Kabbalah Training includes the following:

  • Ascensions → The Kabbalah Ascension Program we offer is an Experiential Journey of Life, not just an intellectual study of Kabbalah. Participants become aware, through direct experience, of how we are the Tree of Life and we are the Creators of our reality. Through ascending the Tree of Life you actually create vibrational shifts within the makeup of your own DNA, awakening more of who you truly are and re-creating your own blueprints.
  • Direct Experience of the Supernal Realm → In an amazing final weekend of the Ascension Program, you Cross the Abyss, bridging the perceived gap of separation between you and God/dess so that you may heal and reconnect with the Oneness of All. In so doing, you come into direct contact with the Supernal Realm and become illuminated by the Light of the One Mind.
  • Mastering Manifestation and Creation → We work with bringing the energies down in a practical way through the various planes of creation and vibrational energy, known in Kabbalah as the Four Worlds. The practical tools and techniques we hand down, teach and empower you to become a conscious co-creator of your life by learning to work directly with Spirit and more fully manifest your gifts and talents. The practical application of the Four Worlds remains a part of the hidden oral tradition and you will not find it in the books or any other Kabbalah trainings that we are aware of.
  • The Authority and Experience of Over 3000 Years of Direct, Unbroken Lineage → This lineage and the training handed down through its tradition provide us with the keys to unlocking the gates of the soul and creating accelerated transformation through the practical application of spiritual alchemy. Our initiatory lineage can be traced back all the way to King Salomon and beyond, and it includes some of the most accomplished Kabbalists of human history. This lineage and knowledge has been handed down to us through the direct teachings and initiations from Kabbalist, Ipsissimus, and Master Teacher, Gudni Gudnason of the Modern Mystery School.
  • Walk the Path of Balance → We strive to live by the dynamic balance of the “Middle Pillar”. To do so we explore and learn to direct the energies on all three pillars of the Tree of Life (the Pillar of Philosophy/Mind, the Pillar of Faith/Spirituality, and the Pillar of Will/Consciousness) so that we may integrate and weave together all aspects of life. The Path of Balance is one in which science and spirituality unite, where it is just as important to be physical and human as it is to be spiritual; it is a path of seeking true Knowledge, Understanding, and Wisdom; it is not a path of blind faith, ignorance, or purely rationalistic/reductionistic thinking. In order to walk the Path of Balance, one must ‘walk the talk’, thus the embodiment of the teachings and one’s true divine nature becomes a way of life that is fulfilling, abundant, and joyful.


Universal Kabbalah ascension programThe Kabbalah will help you answer these very important questions:

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • Where did I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is my purpose?

The Kabbalah is the quickest way to increase brain capacity from the 10% most of us use, because it is a filing system; it gives the brain 10 slots (Sephiroth) to sort the incoming mind processes to, making things manageable.

What will the Kabbalah do for you

  • Re-organise your mind to eliminate mind clutter: you will accomplish more & expand your brain capacity so you use whole brain thinking.
  • Change the way you think from negative thinking to positive thinking.
  • Eliminate the subconscious, which constantly bites you with old patterns from the past.
  • Re-establish your contact with God and goodness.
  • Awaken your gifts received from God at birth, and your desire to use them.
  • Awaken Spiritual aspects of yourself.
  • Set dormant forces in motion that will change your life!
  • Quieten your mind.
  • Give you more of life’s gifts to work with!

The Kabbalah poster above is created by the Kabbalah Teachers from The Universal Kabbalah Network. For more info see www.universalkabbalah.net


Process: The Journey up the Tree lasts 10 months – 1 year and includes 4 meetings with the Kabbalah Teacher to ascend into the Tree of Life. There are 11 study groups which are optional but highly recommended and they are 4 hours each during the course of the journey. For more details about course and pricing, please email julia@juliatiffin.com.

Pre-requisites for The Universal Kabbalah is the  Life Activation & Empower Thyself. There are discounts for those who have done or are committing to do The Healer’s Academy as this also supports your journey up the Tree. Other complimentary empowerments which will greatly enhance the success of your journey up the Tree include the Galactic Activation.

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