Elven & Fairy Magick

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December 9, 2016 @ 10:00 am – 5:00 pm
Cape Town TBC
R1675 for Early Bird if R1000 deposit is received before 1 December, R1875 regular price
Julia Tiffin

elven-fairy-magick-9-dec-2016-cpt-2Elvin & Fairy Magick

by International Instructor Lorraine Henrich


Date: Friday 9 December 2016, 10 AM – 5 PM

Venue: TBC & Nature

Price: R1875 (including materials).

R1675 for Early Bird payment if deposit of R1000

(or full payment) is received before 1 December.


Ever wondered if the tales of the Lord of the Rings and others have a basis in reality? If that is so, why are these magickal beings no longer part of our lives? Have we lost something? What happened? If they were to return to our lives, what would they offer us and what could we offer them?


We have begun to integrate the rainbow nation amongst humans, but what if there are other races on this planet with whom we need to learn to co-exist? The Modern Mystery School is opening its doors to re-instate sacred communion with these beings and other races and to bring them back into our existence. Discover how to connect with the Fairies and the Elves, learn their magickal practices, learn how to honour them, learn about their sacred tools, and why you would want these beings in your life! Discover how this land we live in and all good that happens here is deeply connected to a positive relationship with these and other magickal beings.


The Elves are a beautiful race of beings known for their high intelligence, good humour, craftsmanship, and remarkable healing abilities as much as they are for their deep relationship with the woods and mountains. They serve as the key architects in the New Paradigm for creating a sustainable lifestyle in harmony with the earth. They can teach you how to use the mind as a tool of light before the sword is yielded.


In this program you will meet the Elves as well as the Fairies and they will share their magick and love with you.


The fairies are a beautiful race of beings who live their lives based on unity, love, bliss, creativity, fun and connection with the beauty and music of nature contained within the Earth and Sky. In working with them, your heart will open and you will learn many secrets about your own unique relationship with the earth and your own special connection to the magickal wonders of the world.


This is a very special class … if you have an interest in Elves and Faeries, we invite you to join us, In this class you will:


  • Discover why you might want the Elves & Faeries in your life
  • Learn how to speak their language
  • Be taught their magickal practices and how to honor these being
  • Begin to cultivate a relationship of mutual trust & respect with these incredible allies
  • And more


BOOKINGS on behalf of the Modern Mystery School SA: : Contact Julia julia@juliatiffin.com or 084 680 6029


PAYMENTS: EFT or CASH. For cash payments, contact Julia to arrange.


Name: JA Tiffin

Bank: Standard Bank

Account number: 070601305

Branch code: 020909


Proof of payments to be sent to: julia@juliatiffin.com or 084 680 6029




Lorraine Henrich has been training with the Modern Mystery School since 1998, and is one of the most highly trained Universal Kabbalah Teachers within this lineage.


It is Lorraine’s mission to shift the collective consciousness by assisting others with the achievement of all goals including successful relationships with the self and others, heightened spirituality, self discovery and manifesting joy in life.


Lorraine travels the world getting people prepared to enter the incredible Ritual Master Program for advanced personal mastery and her program called Keys to Magick Mastery has made wonders in that preparation. Her insightful mind and the ability to “direct channel” in the moment are abilities that make her unique in this work. She teaches according to the needs of the people in the room and with her talents, she meets their needs perfectly.


She is the Master Teacher for Keys to Magick Mastery, Member of Healers Academy 1 & 2 Teaching Team, Member of the Teachers Academy, Galactic Activation Instructor, Universal Kabbalah Instructor, Know Thyself Instructor and a teacher of the Gaia Awakenings Program – a Shamanic studies training program.


Lorraine resides in New Jersey and holds a BA in English & Education and has had several of her articles published in the USA and Canada. She is a Magister Templi, Kabbalah Instructor, High Priestess and initiated Guide in the lineage of King Saloman.