The Modern Mystery School Ensofic Ray™ Intermediate Training: Level 2 LONDON

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August 28, 2023 @ 10:00 am – 6:30 pm
The Columbia Hotel
95-99 Lancaster Gate
£480, £150 deposit
Julia Tiffin

The Modern Mystery School Ensofic Ray™ Intermediate – Practitioner Training: Level 2

Join us for a weekend filled with this super powerful Healing System of the Modern Mystery School ENSOFIC REIKI (TM), both Fundamental & Intermediate levels. 

The INTERMEDIATE LEVEL (Level 2) of the Modern Mystery School Ensofic Ray (TM) Healing Training focuses on how Metaphysics can help the Brain System function correctly, which in turn affects Psychological/Emotional issues. This level of rays is practically applied to modify bad habits and additional patterns, perform distant healing, and for self healing techniques.

All illness originates from the Human Mind. All physical phenomena solidify through habitual actions that stem from the Human Mind, triggered by thoughts and emotions. It is crucial to dissolve Mental and Emotional Attachments using the Rays of Compassion and Discipline, as they help eliminate your own bad habits and additional patterns as well as those inherited from your heritage.

This one-day class delves deeper into the Human Mind and Metaphysical Concepts, allowing you to grasp how the Principles of Cause and Effect, Polarity, and Gender intertwine within the Human system of the Psyche/Brain area. Through the Attunements of the Intermediate Ensofic Reiki, you will experience Mental and Emotional peace by tapping into the First Ray of Creation from the Center of the Universe.

You will gain a profound understanding of Metaphysical Knowledge related to the Brain System and Nervous System, which create habitual patterns within the physical body as the Microcosm, and how these patterns are interconnected with the Societal Structure as the Macrocosm. The application of Rays includes learning how to Channel and hold the Rays of Compassion and Discipline to perform hands-on healing on the Mind, Distant Healing, and Self Healing techniques.

Become a certified Ensofic Reiki Intermediate Practitioner, and learn more about:

  • Metaphysics & the Brain System

  • The Balance in the Center of the Existence

  • Treatment on the Mind / Mental & Emotional issues

  • Distant Healing Technique

  • Self-Healing Technique

  • & More!


Investment: £480 (including Certification and registration with the EnSofic Ray organisation – see

Deposit: £150 (Please note the deposit is non-refundable)

Review: £150

Duration: 8 hours, 10am-6pm

Pre-requisites: Ensofic Ray Fundamental Level 1Empower Thyself Initiation

Advanced registration is required. Please contact Julia Tiffin to place your deposit.


Cell: +44 7380 607980