Hermetic Full Moon Ceremony! CAPE TOWN

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December 2, 2020 @ 7:30 pm – 9:15 pm
10 Surcingle Avenue
Hout Bay
Julia Tiffin
084 680 6029

Hermetic Moon Ceremony

We are ending a very unusual year, and to celebrate, we are offering a special event with Meditations and Hermetic Moon Rituals. This will assist in boosting our energy in 2020, setting our energy for 2021, letting go of the old, and attracting goodness & love into our lives! We are in the final Gate of Death & Re-birth for 2020, starting with the New Moon in November 2021 and ending with the Solstice 21 December 2020.

Join us and bring some magick into your life!

The Moon is a powerful mirror which helps us to see ourselves more clearly and to know ourselves more. It helps us to access our hidden mysteries inside through its powers of deep reflection.

The Hermetic energy bridges Heaven and Earth, creating unity and purity. The series of ceremonies and the meditation you will experience during this evening will create balance and harmony and help to stabalise the subconsious mind for the entire following moon.

Join us for this special experience!

Investment: R350
Duration: 2-3 hours

SEATS ARE LIMITED – ONLY 38 seats with social distancing – RSVP to secure your seats.

EFT to secure your booking:
JA Tiffin, Standard Bank 070601305
Proof of payment: julia@juliatiffin.com or 084 680 6029

Follow the calendar to see which Full or New Meditations are coming up!