Isis & Advanced Isis Healing SPECIAL OFFER

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March 21, 2014 – March 23, 2014 all-day
Julia Tiffin's Practice
24 The Mill
Shoe Fly Alley, Zonnebloem
R1500 for both healings
Julia Tiffin
+27 84 680 6029

Isis 02Isis & Advanced Isis Healing



Sat & Sun 22-23 March 2014

(contact for an appointment)


These 2 healings are very special and only available from specially trained Guides internationally.

The Isis Healing modality is an ancient method of realigning the vibrational energies of the body and re-directing them into the brain region so that the energies that we collect everyday are not lost but rather used for our benefit. These energies will enhance all parts of your life and start programming your mind for success and happiness.

You will have more

 * more available energy

*more usage of the brain capacity

*more vitality for everyday life

The Advanced Isis Healing is very special and it offers you the following:

• Creates a new vibration within the physical body

that will give you more passion and way more vitality

• Re-directs old vibrations towards the new one and creates “synchronicity” in the body and soul, getting over the old!

• Creates a renewed vibration in the soul that holds the mind regions more firm thus giving the client a more positive thought pattern

• Heals old emotional wounds

• Opens up the 3rd eye

• Gives clarity about love energy

• Brings a lover to you since your mind is more clear now

• Allows you to create more abundance in your life

For the special offer, pre-book for both healings with the special price & receive the first Isis Healing this week-end 22-23 March 2014.


(Regular price for both R1700, special offer R1500.)


Bookings: contact Julia for a time slot this week-end

Venue: Julia Tiffin’s Practice