Mighty Mouse

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The Tail of Lucy The Mouse & Jelly Fish The Cat

Teachings from the Animal Kingdom

Most of my life I have been ‘under the paw’ of my animal teachers, starting with my first pet on my second birthday.

There was an intense schooling in my younger years with over 128 pets of all kinds at one time. However, there was always the head teacher in the form a cat who became known as ‘The Iron Paw’.

Recently, The Iron Paw III, also known as Jelly Fish, called in some assistance & delegated some of these teachings to a… Mouse. Now contrary to what one would expect, where cats actually catch mice, Jelly Fish brought in a Mouse … for play … and to teach her student a string of new lessons.

Not a hair was out of place with this Mouse when she was brought into the house, presented on the floor, and then chased around by Jelly Fish with pure glee. Jelly Fish would nudge the mouse with paws – but no claws – tapping her delicately to run so that Jelly could chase her. Jelly would catch the Mouse in her mouth, with the gentlest hold, and place the Mouse back on the floor to continue playing.

Even her boyfriend, the handsome and tall cat Zoid ‘from the Void’, appearing like a tall glass of water on a hot day and a known mouse murderer, joined in and was under strict instructions to play and only play.

Click here to see the video of Lucy, Jelly Fish & Void if you don’t believe me!

I was fairly certain that there was a lesson in there about play. Jelly Fish, a cat of 13 years, is pure kitten, and still needs a large amount of time being chased around and entertained with a host of ‘fun’ activities. I marvel at how this cat demands her daily repertoire of games, and never tires of it.

The lesson was fairly clear that I had abdicated my playing duties, and that my impatience with daily play is misaligned. These crazy cat games are really designed for me as much as for her. But I was not yet sure why they were so important for me.

A few weeks after the Mouse moved in, I held an Egyptian Meditation evening, and the Cat Goddess Bast featured strongly in the evening and imparted how pure play is key in opening the mind. Play evidently has the power to eliminate many negative thoughts, and transmute them into positive energy, thereby opening the mind to possibilities. Play is like stretching for the mind, opening up realities not previously thought of, and allowing the mind to reach into places formerly unexplored.

Play takes many forms, but for those of us who have pets, this is an important part of their role, to have fun and extract our minds from the mundane world of challenges. Their gift of play can open us to solutions not thought of as we relax into the play. The relaxed body, creates the relaxed mind, and many things shift and unfold in the mind in this process.

Before the teachings of the Mouse became apparent, she spontaneously acquired the name ‘Lucy’. It took me a few weeks to realise the significance of this name, but it dawned on me that her name had echoes to the 2014 movie ‘Lucy’. In the movie, Lucy’s brain strength and mental capacities grow exponentially and her brain stretches to unlimited possibilities!

It then made all the sense in the world, that one of my childhood dogs was a beagle also named Lucy, who was absolutely crazy and fearless, and broke all boundaries of what she should have been able to do!

This Mouse really was here for a reason. And even though I understood this important teaching, she still would not leave! I thought for sure now that I had realized this, she would return to her family in the field. It had been 6 weeks, by this point, that I had a mouse squatting in my home. I left doors and windows open, but she stayed and she was quite comfortable in a house where the cats would not kill her, cat food was on tap, and she had warm places to sleep.

The lessons were clearly not complete!

One evening as I was cuddling with Jelly Fish, I heard a loud noise in the kitchen. I went to explore what this noise was. There was Lucy… sitting quite confidently on the kitchen counter top (!). She had jumped from the window sill (what, for a view?), onto the kitchen counter top, and there she was in plain sight in front of me, only centimetres away. After weeks of hiding just out of my reach, taunting me by waltzing past me (often casually) before I could get hold of her, she was now right in front of me, totally undaunted, staring me straight in the eye.

And she totally terrified me!

I was gobsmacked. I have lived in the bush at a young age with dangerous snakes in close proximity to my cabin, walked around with weapons to manage them, and even lived for a few years like this. But this mouse… she was mighty and she terrified me! She had the biggest attitude and was completely undaunted by me. She knew she was Mighty Mouse. She had no doubt, and nothing was going to scare her.

The absolute clarity she had about her power and force threw me!

What a powerful teacher!

Not only was this mouse a teacher of unlimited possibilities, and that play is a key to flow, to have fun, to keep relaxed, to open the mind, but that once you know this absolutely, there is nothing to fear. This knowledge is pure power. This knowledge is a super power and makes you mighty!

It was shortly after that, that we could not sense her anymore in the house. Without any fuss, she was complete. There were no mouse corpses lying around (don’t worry) and Ms Mighty Mouse returned to her world having left me with teachings that I can chew on for the next while.

The world is a magickal place! These teachings are in fact core to the esoteric teachings of EnSofic Ray training and you may want to explore the powerful teachings in this training that will open your mind in ways that change your entire world. I am grateful that these teachings were further cemented in by my animal teachers through the Shamanic path of learning.

So just for today, enjoy the love and support of the animals around you, they are waiting to impart so much to you. Just watch their actions, stay alive to the unique examples they bring you and notice the moments in your life when an animal runs across your path. It is never random: there is an opportunity for you to receive something if you would just listen and observe.

There truly is magick all around us, and the Universe is conspiring to bring you all the teachings you need just when you need them!

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