Peace Outside Starts Inside

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I recently saw a beautiful video that has not been widely published, and it shows the effects that the word PEACE has on water. This is such a profound observation because the human body is 50-75% water and the word PEACE can change the very fabric of our body, which in turn affects our emotions and thoughts.

Screenshot 2013-11-11 11.23.08This is what has happened to water molecules inside Dr Emoto’s lab in Japan when playing John Lennon’s “Imagine” which carries the energy of PEACE.

Click on this link to see Dr Emoto’s movie 

This image is of a water molecule responding to the John Lennon’s Imagine.

There is another video which talks about how Peace Inside Starts Inside by the Luminaries. It is a great music video, I hope you enjoy it!

As we start the journey of healing ourselves and stopping the wars inside ourself, this state of consciousness literally changes us. And with the advent of research in the quantum science field we know that our personal consciousness spreads out into the world through the shared field of thoughts in our human collective consciousness. When we have a quantum number of people all in the same state of consciousness, this can literally change consciousness locally and globally.

I hope you enjoy these videos and I wish everyone a day filled with PEACE inside yourself and in the world you navigate today.

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