Return to the Sacred: Quan Yin

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Return to the Sacred is a #hashtag that I have been using for some time. I desire this concept of #return tothesacred deeply in my soul: to see us returning to sacred living in parenting, relationships, in our relationship with food, work, living a life of purpose and meaning. There are so many areas where we can return to more meaningful living and in fact all of my articles are inspired by this concept.

For today, I am drawn to talk about a specific being that has supported me in my return to magical living and that is the Goddess Quan Yin. She is known as an Eastern Goddess, but is available to serve anyone who needs her support.

In a world where we are so focused on outcomes and delivery of goals, we especially need the balancing energy of Mercy and Compassion that Goddess Quan Yin represents. Sometimes we need to learn to flow like water. Sometimes we need to rest despite that schedule, to be kind to ourselves despite that ‘mistake’or to be kind to another because that is the energy that will best serve them. A major energy that Goddess Quan Yin holds is that of forgiveness and often we need to forgive as the key to healing is always forgiveness. Sometimes we need to forgive another and let go of a perceived injustice we experienced and (more) often we need to forgive ourselves for what we feel we did wrong. Holding onto this poison stops the flow of goodness in our life and it’s like being stuck behind a giant tree that has fallen across a river: we will struggle against the natural flow of life and experience more pain and suffering.

In the southern & central African cultures where the phrase “I’m sorry” is overused – this phrase expresses sympathy which is different to empathy. When we use sympathy as opposed to true compassion or empathy, it in fact weakens the recipient and the person offering the sympathy as it can make us feel like a victim to life. Sometimes true compassion is gentle and kind, but it may also look like strength, where we do not allow ourselves or another to be a victim to life.

If you feel you are unclear about the difference between the two, or need more compassion in your life, invite Quan Yin to flow her energy into your life, so you can understand this energy and empower yourself to know the difference.

Quan Yin has many faces, and interestingly she is also a goddess that supports Abundance in your life, and so the understanding of true strength & true compassion are keys to be connected to the universal flow and be more in alignment with Abundance in your life!

This energy of Mercy and Compassion is known as Chesed in the Tree of Life, and here you learn how to be in alignment with this energy and the flow of true abundance in your life.

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