The Elixir of Life

After the Life/DNA Activation as one’s vibration raises, what most blocks the uptake of light are toxins in the body. These toxins need to be flushed out in order for the individual to hold more light. We have found the most effective method for detoxing and integrating the Life Activation, Spirit Activation and the Galactic Activation to be the alchemical product called Purificato & Crystalis.

This incredible product was what the ancient alchemists sought and referred to as the Elixir of Life (also called the Philosopher’s Stone). The Elixir was a celestial creation that was believed to prolong life, heal all sickness, and help people achieve better health in every way. A unity drink between humans and God, it facilitated the spiritual path towards enlightenment. This has been created and prepared Spagyrically as vibrational remedies by the alchemists of the Modern Mystery School and Paracelsus Laboratories.

The Elixir is made in two versions, which are only sold as a set as they are designed to be taken together – Purificato and Crystalis.

Purificato removes cellular levels of debris in the DNA resulting from environmental toxins, virus and bacterial exposure, and fungal overgrowth. When this debris is present, it hinders the assimilation of Light and consequently suppresses the expression of your spiritual gifts. Purificato works best when the body is awake and in motion, which helps release and neutralize debris. Directions for Use: Take 7 drops of Purificato under the tongue in the morning. No preparation is necessary. Refrigeration is optional. Crystalis removes genetic debris and intentionally clears genetic damage since conception. Helping you maintain a focus in your spiritual life, it cleans up your genetic codes, the last dense physical structures in the DNA that hinder full spiritual awareness, and awakens your Divinity Codes. Crystalis is best taken as you relax and sleep. Directions for Use: Take 7 drops of Crystalis under the tongue in the evening, just before going to bed. No preparation is necessary. Refrigeration is optional.

As the toxins and debris are removed from the cellular levels, they are neutralized by the Elixir and flushed out of the body. In using both of these elixirs, one can experience full contact with the powers of the aura and the soul. With this empowerment, one will be healthier at the cellular level, be in better physical shape, and sense the higher power of Spirit flowing through you. This can in turn create a balanced state of mind and body that gives an increase in the overall emotional state of acceptance, joy, happiness and success in life. Because debris in the body hinders the assimilation of Light, to excel and take the next step as a human one needs to eliminate this debris. The transmutational effects empower the Gifts of the Spirit to emerge.

Note: This product is not a cure or remedy for any disease. In case of illness, contact your doctor or health care provider. A spagyric alchemical liquid to be taken as a supplement, we make no claims for this product, but we see the results in those who take it.

Cost: £40 for AM & PM set