Julia Tiffin - Life Activation PractitionerAs we evolve and realise our eternal nature, our being seeks healings that can restore our connection to our true spiritual nature. These healings elevate our being to reach up to the more that we are. When we live from the knowing our true eternal nature, life becomes magickal each and every day and we create the reality we truly desire.

Angelic Healings

Galactic Healings

Human beings are essentially eternal Galactic beings, so these healings are in alignment with our true eternal and galactic nature. These healings are particularly supportive after The Galactic Activation but they have wonderful benefits independent of the Galactic Activation.

The Starseed Healing is wonderfully supportive for anyone who has gone through intense emotions, and needs to release, perhaps after losing someone or going through an intense emotional experience in a relationship. It helps you to release all the scattered emotions and brings you to a state of renewal.

The Unified Chakra Awakening is very helpful after the Life Activation as the increased awakening of the chakra system, moves more energy through your system and releases old emotions and energies that have stagnated your system.

Celestial Healings