Bad Habit Removal is one of the sessions offered within the EnSofic Ray Healing modality sessions. It is incredibly powerful to remove bad habits and thinking patterns. This healing supersedes the need to know the root cause of something as it unwinds the energetic construct in the brain that has caused this negative pattern in the first place. It is recommended to book up to 3 sessions for optimal results, and there is one bad habit focus per session. If a series of 3 sessions is booked, and the bad habit or thinking pattern is released within 1 or 2 sessions, you can always receive a EnSofic Ray Positive Affirmation session OR work on another bad habit or thinking pattern!

The left and right brain hemispheres get balanced in this session. This is huge as left brain dominant thinking feeds the flight, fright or frieze responses but also leads to skepticism, overthinking, being over-controlling (and more). If you are right brain dominant, you may be a people pleaser or feel like more of a victim in your life or in certain areas of your life.  There is a domino effect after a negative habit or thinking pattern is released as the impact of removing this shifts you and allows you to move forwards in your life without certain bonds holding you back!

There are a range of negative thinking patterns you may want to shift that include removing:

  • fears
  • insecurities
  • guilt
  • shame
  • frustrations
  • lack of clarity
  • unworthiness – low self worth or self esteem issues
  • perfectionism
  • being overly critical
  • feeling limited
  • lack of faith in God
  • incorrect beliefs around your abilities to name just a few.

There can also be negative habits such as an:

  • addiction (sugar, social media, coffee, smoking, spending, working, sex and so on)
  • unhealthy eating patterns
  • always being angry
  • being argumentative
  • laziness
  • lacking discipline
  • having no structure or being too controlling
  • co-dependency patterns (also known as people pleasing) and others …

This session can be done in person or remotely, but if it is done in person, it is highly effective with another EnSofic Ray session, namely the EnSofic Ray Positive Affirmation session where a new belief you choose can be anchored into the brain and catapult you forwards!

Booking for 1 session (remote or in person): £150 (Click here for payment)

Booking for Bad Habit Removal & Positive Affirmation Healing (in person): £200

Booking for 3 sessions (remote or in person) discounted: £360 (Click here for payment)